Mrs Goerres by: Keaton chastain

Mrs. Goerres is a English Teacher at Paoli Jr. Sr. High school. She is also the Junior varsity and varsity cheer coach. she has worked at Paoli for years years and head cheer coach for two years.

This is a picture of Mrs. Goerres classroom that she teaches in everyday.

Mrs. Goerres graduated from Paoli in 2006 and got her English degree in 2011. She is a English 12 and English 9 teacher.

Mrs. Goerres's English 9 books.
Mrs. Goerres working on her cheer tryout sheet.

She enjoys being the cheer coach. for both football and basketball, but will be delivering a baby in July so she can only coach during basketball.

she made the team!
Making her plans for her fill in coach.

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