There's nothing more I'd love to do than... By: Jensen Shelby

One of my favorite things to do is to watch movies, Netflix, go out to eat, go to the Clemson football games, and just be outdoors... and the one person I love to do this all with is Gracen.

Clemson parade, and recognition of winning National Championship

Me and Gracen met at Clemson in Biology class on the first day. We sat beside each other and got to talking and figured out we had the next class together as well. Ever since then we have been the best of friends, doing pretty much everything together. Even planning classes together.

4/17/2017, just making our schedules for next fall together and chilling

We have celebrated birthdays together by going out to eat for her birthday and going up to Lander University with my friends for mine. Even though we have only known each other for a short couple of months we have become the best of friends.

At Lander University chilling with my other best friend Adrianna, went for their homecoming
At Texas Roadhouse for Gracen's birthday, p.s. she wanted cookout I said no choose something more expensive since it's your birthday plus I'm paying why not
Lander University at a concert with Adrianna for their homecoming

One of our favorite things to do is go out to eat, we love food!!! Our favorite place is cookout!! I mean why not when you can get food for $5, we broke college students of course that's our favorite restaurant.

Cookout run, favorite place to eat
Just watching One Tree Hill our favorite show of all time

We love to watch Netflix and movies as well, we usually watch it one my computer but sometimes we change it over to the big screen... We also take lots of naps, besides eating that would have to be our next favorite thing to do. I know this probably isn't the most typical thing people love to do but me and Gracen love hanging out with each other besides weekends if we go home or have plans with other people which is very rare, we usually see each other everyday. We just love each other so much. So hanging with my Best friend is definitely my favorite thing to do.

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