Laguna Beach Village Entrance Project Update Phase 1A

Located in the area adjacent to the intersection of Laguna Canyon Road and Forest Avenue, the Village Entrance project focuses on enhanced pedestrian safety, improved traffic flow and new open space

Phase 1A Village Entrance Project Work Substantially Completed

Photos show progress made on the Village Entrance Parking Lot 10 since September 2018 during Phase 1A of the project

New Parking Lot to Open to Public in January

Parking Lot 10 Key Project Achievements:

The newly completed Parking Lot 10 (located adjacent to Art-A-Fair) will open to the public in January

- Completed hardscape improvements including curbs, gutters, permeable decorative pavers, and asphalt pavement

- Installation of storm drains, water quality basins, and irrigation north of traffic signal

- Inspection and planting of box trees at site to complete lot landscaping

Parking Lot 10 will be closed briefly at some point in the spring to allow for bridge widening and asphalt pavement resurfacing. Until the bridge is widened, exiting vehicles must yield as there is currently not enough space for two vehicles to pass.

43 New Box Trees Planted Since September

California Sycamores, Coast Live Oaks, and Western Redbuds were all inspected before being planted at the Village Entrance site during Phase 1A.

When complete, the Village Entrance Project will feature:

120 new trees

9,100 new shrubs

2,200 flats of ground cover

Shiny leaves of the Coast Live Oak tree

New Parking Lot 10 features permeable pavers

Watch this video to learn more about the unique drainage system in Parking Lot 10:

Next Steps: Project Phase 1B

(January - May)

Parking Available:

Lots 10, 12, and Employee Lot

Parking Closed:

Lot 11

Phase 1B Parking Lot Access Map shows Lot 11 (yellow) closed for construction beginning January 22

Parking Lot 11 to Close to Public January 22

- Parking Lot 11 (the lot located nearest to Laguna Canyon Road at Forest Avenue) will close for construction from January 22 until the end of May 2019

- As a result, the left turn lane into Lot 11 from Laguna Canyon Road will also be closed. Therefore, access to Parking Lot 12 (Lumberyard Lot) will only be available from Forest Avenue

- Public parking will be available in the new Parking Lot 10 (adjacent to Art-A-Fair) and street parking will be available for the weekly Farmer's Market

Upcoming Phase 1B Project Schedule

- Demolition of existing Parking Lot 11

- Construction of trail and parking lot between Laguna Creek Channel and Laguna Canyon Road from the traffic signal to Forest Avenue

During this next phase of the project, landscape improvements will also be completed along Laguna Canyon Road

Project rendering shows landscaping improvements along Laguna Canyon Road

A public trail will be completed during the next phase of the project (Phase 1B) along Laguna Canyon Road from Art-A-Fair to Forest Avenue

The channel fence replacement, landscaping around the channel and near walking paths and the vehicle and pedestrian bridges will be completed as part of Phase 1B over the next few months

In addition, there will be two public parking lots completed by the end of Phase 1B, providing a total of 112 public parking spaces

Drill Rig Drilling Bridge Caissons at Project Site

As part of the Village Entrance Project, a large drill rig has been drilling 30-feet deep concrete caissons at the site

The caissons serve as foundations needed to support the new and reconstructed vehicle bridges

Watch the video below to find out more about the drill work that's been happening at the project site:

What is a Caisson?

In geotechnical engineering, a caisson is a watertight retaining structure used, for example, to work on the foundations of a bridge pier, for the construction of a concrete dam, or for the repair of ships.

These are constructed as such that the groundwater can be pumped out, keeping the working environment dry. The hollow cylinder sunk into the ground is then filled with concrete, thus forming a foundation.

To reinforce the strength of the caissons, they are lined with this steel rebar before the concrete is poured
Meet Your Village Entrance Project Director: Thomas Perez

Thomas Perez is a Project Director for the Laguna Beach Department of Public Works, and manages the day-to-day operations of the Village Entrance Project. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and has over 18 years of experience including the cities of Irvine and Santa Ana.


Call: (949) 464-6688

Email: villageentrance@ lagunabeachcity.net


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