War Child By TheOphile valantin

I am Abbas, and I'm 15 years old, and my friend, Mateen is 14. We had been saved by the War Child organisation. We are from Afghanistan.

Before War Child's help we were working in the street because our family was too poor to feed us. We had no choice, if we wanted to eat we must work. Also to pay the education and the medicine.

Mateen's parent are dead. My father was addicted to drugs, while we were earning 60p per day.

Sher Kan, Mateen's brother-in-law, asked us if we wanted to learn how to ride a motorbike. Very excited we accepted.

We stole a bike trying to earn some money. This was a fail. My father spotted when we were going to Sher Kan's home and told us to brang back the motorbike.

Sher Kan was very nervous and he called the police. When we arrived to the thief place, the police arrested us.

After being released War Child workers met my family and me. And asked if my family let me go with tha War Child workers.

With the help of the War Child education centre, I had learned how to write and read.

Matteen didn't have a family to go to. With War Child's support he moved to a local orphanage. Where he was going to class.

Even if life is still tough. Thanks to War Child for having saved our lives

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