Grumeti Fund Scouts how a team of 100 dedicated scouts are protecting the biodiversity of the western Serengeti

Strategy is everything when it comes to anti-poaching initiatives, and the future integrity and security of the area depends on it. A Joint Intelligence Unit works closely with local government law enforcement divisions with the primary goal of poaching prevention. Alongside them is the Special Operations Group. This elite scout force responds to incoming information and reacts to apprehend potential poachers. One of the Special Operations Group's key resources is the Canine Unit, comprising four dogs and six handlers that can track and detect people and wildlife contraband across any terrain and over long distances. Other teams within the department include the Mobile Patrol Unit, Scout Camps and Observation Posts.

A critical part of the multi-factional Anti-Poaching Department is the ability to coordinate all the moving parts. The functionality is dependent on the EarthRanger domain awareness system. Located in the Joint Operations Center, this dynamic visualization platform (developed by Vulcan, Inc) collates all information coming from the teams on the ground - from assets to incidents - in one location.

Across the globe, biodiversity is at threat. Here in Grumeti the team works to protect the biodiversity - from bush meat poaching, ivory and rhino poaching, charcoal and illegal livestock grazing. This team does not work alone. They are one of six department working on a variety of solutions to preserve the integrity of this iconic ecosystem while simultaneously uplifting local communities.

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