From Berlin To Pisa and everything in between

This post has been a long time coming, but I am finally forcing myself to make time for the important things. Near the beginning of October, I took a trip to Berlin with my studio class. We went on several day trips around the city, learning about the history and how that has shaped landscape and urban design. When the program ended, I was finally free to catch my flight to Paris! My flight was delayed by hours, but I was too excited to see my parents, I didn't even care. Fall break with my mom and dad was such a great break from the "norm." We went to Munich, Salzburg, Neuschwanstein, and my parents even got to see Bonn! The day my parents flew out from Frankfurt back to the States, I flew to meet friends at Cinque Terre in Italy. This Spark details my fall break experience and all the beautiful sights along the way.

Berlin Day 1: City Tour
After a brief tour of Berlin's top spots, we were able to explore the top of the Reichtstag Building. From here is where the amazing sunset was captured.
Berlin Day 2: The Parks
The first park we visited that morning was Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände the old Templehof rail yard reclaimed by nature. After the War, the rail was decommissioned and designers were brought in to maintain many of the original rail features, creating a truly unique visitor experience. It was like a time warp being surrounded by the old industrial relics – especially the locomotive.
We then visited a park that used to be an industrial site, but now is a place for skaters and creative minds to express themselves through art or sport.
We toured around Berlin to see urban gardens, the famous Potsdamer Platz – an urban planning phenomenon – and Tempelhofer Feld that served as the "air bridge" to Berlin during the War.
Berlin Day 3: Museum Island
During free time, I visited several museums and saw several relics. Even the reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate.
Berlin Day 4: UFA Fabric
UFA Fabrik, a former filming studio, is now a fully sustainable community in Berlin. We visited as the last portion of our Berlin trip to experience a sustainable, planned community.

I was so excited to have my parents join me in Europe for Fall Break! Lucky, too. I left Berlin – or tried to at least, as my flight to Paris was delayed 2 hours – and flew to Paris to meet my parents. We got to see a show, Lido, and some nighttime Paris sights. The next morning we were on the plane to Munich. My favorite part was that we barely had enough cash to pay for the cab... *rolling my eyes and laughing out loud*. But Munich was wonderful. Bavaria is my absolute favorite state in Germany. One day, we took a train to Salzburg where we explored the beautiful city and went on a Sound of Music Tour (my love). The next was our explore Munich day. Before I had only seen the Oktoberfest grounds, but the rest of Munich is just as incredible. Our last day in Munich, we took a day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle (Sleeping Beauty's castle), a small town called Oberammergau, and Linderhof Palace. From Munich we moved on to Frankfurt and took a day trip to Bonn, where my parents got to experience my good ol' stomping grounds. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay longer – I would keep my mom here forever if I could; we would have so much fun – but they headed home and I was off to Italy to meet friends for the remainder of fall break...

Salzburg, Austria
We started in Mirabell Gardens, had lunch, then found our tour bus. We went to the mansion where they filmed some of the best scenes of the movie, then saw the other house where they filmed everything else. We found the gazebo and the abbey. We also stopped to see a beautiful outlook onto the Austrian mountainside. Lastly, we went to the town to see the church of the marriage and eat the best apple strudel! After the tour was over, we explored some of the other parts of Salzburg. I only wish we had stayed longer in the beautiful city.
Munich, Germany
On our day in Munich, we explored Olympic Park from the 1972 summer olympics and the BMW museum. We went on to wander the grounds of the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace. In the center of the city, we saw the Rathaus with the world famous glockenspiel. We ended the day with complementary snacks and drinks in the hotel! :) P.S. Aren't my parents so cute, and my mom so pretty!?
Füssen, Germany
The Neuschwanstein Castle was Disney's inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle. Beautiful views of Bavaria all around! King Ludwig's lived-in place, Linderhof, was beautiful as well – it was basically a landscape architect's dream. My dad even got to meet humpty-dumpty in Oberammergau, which is also where the once-in-a-decade Passion Play takes place!
Cinque Terre, Italy

The adventure from Frankfurt to Pisa was a memorable one. I think I was on some form of transportation for 8 hours straight. Once I finally made it to Cinque Terre, I was told the whole town of Riomaggiore was shut down due to the storms. We were stuck in the Air B&B with no food, only coffee, and a deck of cards. The next day we attempted to hike the trails, but they were closed. We still got great pictures and even better food! Our last day, we went into Pisa before our flight to see the Leaning Tower.

I know it's been a long time coming, but I hope this gives everyone a peek into my awesome fall break with my family and friends!

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