Religious Architecture By: Anthony Henein

Hey guys, just got back from my 5 day vacation, I had so much fun, I wish you guys could've came with me. I went to Vatican City, Where I saw St. Peter's Basilica, the exterior of which makes a grand impression on those who view it in order to show how grand their lord and savior, Jesus Christ was here on earth, the large dome like structure on the top and pillars were simply designs implicated to give the appearance of the rich and powerful, similar to that of the Greeks. the pope spends most of his time here. I I went to Borobudur, Where I saw the great temple build there for the Buddhist god, Buddha, it was religiously built in worship for him and the temple is laid out with his artwork and small domes like structures. It is the one of the largest Buddhist temples ever made. I went to Angkor Wat, where enormous Hindu temple sat as a permanent resident of the earth, it was built large and spiritually, quite old but fresh in a way, it is the largest Hindu temple in the world, being made on 500 acres of earth. I went to the Taj Mahal, where i saw the reflection pool and the mosque itself, the reflection pool + the mosque = a real feeling of tranquility, the large dome like structures on the building is just a standard piece of Islamic architecture, it signifies the Islamic presence that remained in India. Finally, I went to the Great Synagogue, I saw the synagogue itself, the building invokes a strong appearance in the eyes of its viewers, being all rectangular. building is made to show the "strength" of the religion.

I woke up at 8:30 am in Dan Panorama Jerusalem, a hotel which was only an 5 minute drive to the synagogue. The hotel I was staying in provided free breakfast so I that's where I ate until 10 am. After I ate, I immediately walked from my hotel to my car and drove up to the synagogue. Once I got up there, it was 10:05, but I took a moment or something just to take in the scale of the synagogue, it was massive. I thought I was out there for just a moment, but when I looked at my watch, it was 10:10. I then made my way into the synagogue after wasting 5 minutes of taking in the scenery. Once I got on the inside, I was stunned, the inside was massive. I explored the many different parts of the synagogue when I finally made my way to the chapel/place of worship. By the time I got out, it was 12:20, where I decided to go outside and walk to Sheyan asian restaurant for lunch, the restaurant was a 2 minute walk from the synagogue. I ate my lunch, walked back and re-entered the synagogue at 1:25. I walked around the synagogue for another hour or so before I made my way back out of the synagogue to my car, where I drove up to the Synagogue Tiferet Israel up the street. The drive was only 5 minutes so by the time I got there, it was 2:30, and when I did, I was pretty impressed, the synagogue looked like it was about to fall down, but at the same time looked like it was here to stay. I walked inside and visited all the different rooms, including taking a trip down to the chapel. I was hanging out in this synagogue for only an hour at the most, because I wanted to go see the western wall, which was a 16 minute drive from the synagogue. By the time I got to the western wall, it was 3:45. when I stepped out of my car, I gasped at the mere sight of the western wall, it was like a some, great and all mighty power just plopped its way onto this specific piece of earth, then fell into a deep slumber. I saw the papers within the cracks of its skin and vegetation that stuck like glue. I was maybe there for full hour and a half, before I decided to go have an early dinner at the american tavern. I arrived back at my hotel room at 7:00 and I felt exhausted, however I needed to pack up and head to the airport so I can go see ankgor wat the next day. So after I pack up my belongings, I headed to my car and drove to the airport, dropped off my rental car, put away my luggage, and went through the TSA, I got onto my flight at 10:10.
I woke up at 8:30 am in Nita by vo, the hotel I was staying in, after I got out the door, I walked to cafe moi moi, where I grabbed breakfast and drove from the cafe to angkor wat. By the time I got there, it was 10:10, when I got inside I was astonished by the sheer scale of the temple. I walked to the center of the entire property, where the main temple and place of worship was. I saw people worshiping in chapel, I saw some of the sculptures outside that seemed to have guarded the chapel. I then walked to the outer gallery, where I briefly studied the artwork, then made my way to the inner courtyard, where I walked around the whole courtyard, then walked back into the actual temple, where I gazed upon the craftsmanship once more and then made my way towards the Ta Prohm Kel Temple, where I walked into the temple, and like the central temple, walked around and examined the architecture. After that, It was 2:20, I was feeling pretty hungry from all my walking all around so I got back in my car and drove back into town, to the Angkor Palm restaurant, where I grabbed lunch and made my back to Angkor Wat at 3:40. When I got back to Angkor wat, I went into north thousand god library, where I walked around the library, and picked up a few books and read the first few pages of the them. By the time I walked out of the library, It was 7:00, so I decided to go to dinner, I went to the Hashi, a restaurant that was 17 minutes from angkor wat. I ate dinner than I made my way back to my hotel, where I was forced to pack my stuff up again, so that I can go to the taj mahal the next day. by the time I got back to the hotel, packed my things, and arrived at the airport, It was 9:15. I turned in my rental car, put up my luggage, went through the TSA, and found my gate at 10:30, right when my flight was to leave.
I woke up at 8:30 am in Taj Khema, a hotel which was the closest to the taj mahal. after I got ready, I walked to Relax He relax, the 1 minute walk away restaurant from my hotel, where I had my breakfast and from where I walked to the taj mahal. By the time I got to the Taj mahal, It was 10:10. I decided to hang around the reflecting pool before I entered the actual mosque itself, and by that time it was 10:30. When I got inside, I was astonished by the sheer scale of the thing. I took off my shoes and explored the inside, going into the tombs and the char bagh, before entering the chapel/place of worship itself. When I got out, it was 12:05 when I decided to walk back into town and grab a pretty early lunch back at relax he relax. By the time I got back to the Taj Mahal, it was 1:30. I decided to go the taj mahal museum, where I walked around and explored the history of the taj mahal and hanged around, by the time I got out, it was 4:30. I then walked to Kau Ban mosque, which was to the left of the actual taj mahal, where I entered and explored around the mosque, going into the various rooms and eventually the chapel, by the time I left it was 6:20, I decided to go have an early dinner at the Relax he Relax restaurant again. by the time I finished my meal, it was 7:35, when I got back to my hotel, I got my things and headed to the airport where I made my way to my gate, and got on my flight at 9:00.
I spent the night in a hotel Puri Asri in the nearby town of magelang, I woke up at 8:30, got ready for the day and I walked to pringgondani, which was the restaurant that was just a 2 minute where I had breakfast. I ate than walked back to my hotel, where I grabbed my ceeded out of the city and towards the temple. the drive was a 25 minute drive, so it didn't take to long to arrive at my destination. By the time I got there, it was 10:30, I made my way up the front steps, and took a moment to take in the size and design of the temple. I walked around the temple first, then I to the entrance to the inside and entered the actual temple itself. I explored around and when I checked my watch, it was 12:15, I decided to go back into town and grab lunch from Pringgondani, then drive back to the temple, when I got back, it was 2:05. I made my way to Musium Karmawibangga Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, where I hanged out and explored the garden like property. I then made my way to Balai Konservasi Borobudur, the borobudur museum and I decided to learn more about the interesting structure. I left at 6:35, and then made my way to dinner. I drove to Dapoer Gending Borobudur, a nearby restaurant where I ate dinner and from where I made my way back to my hotel and packed my things. I drove to the airport.
I choose to stay at Hotel Della Conciliazione, it was a hotel just outside Piazza San Pierto. I woke up at 8:30 in the morning and walked to Il Passetto Al Passetto di Borgo, a restaurant just a block away West. I grabbed our breakfast there at 9:00 and ate until 9:50. I wanted to get into the city for the majority of the day, so I ran from there to the Piazza. I got into the city at around 10:00, and when I did, its beauty hit me fast and hard. The surrounding buildings looked so grand, and full of history, the first thing I wanted to see was St. Basil's Basilica, it was one of the closest main attractions of the city and my dad, being a dad, wanted to try me to try to get to see if the pope was there, I didn't of course. I was able to get to the basilica, but there where so many people my anti-social meter was going off, saying "no more people, no more people"! The crowd stole 20 minutes of my day. When I got inside, the artwork glowed like stars in the night sky to me. I wanted to go see the inside of the dome. I must've lost track of time in there, because by the time I got outside the basilica, it was 1:20, we decided to walk back to the the passetto and grab lunch at 1:40. after lunch I went back to the Basilica and I decided to view the rest of the artwork on the inside for another hour and a-half. at 3:10, I decided to leave the basilica and go to the Vatican Library, where I walked around and read a the first few pages of some of the many books in the library. I spent what felt like 2 hours in there, which was really 3.5 hours. By the time I got out of the library, I was 8:00. I thought that I would have dinner, then I would go the airport where I would take a flight to DFW. And so at 8:30 I went back to the passetto and grab my dinner there. When I was done with my dinner and packed up my things, it was 10:10, and my flight was at midnight so I had to be fast, It was a 40 minute drive from the hotel to the airport, 20 minutes to turn back the rental car, and an hour to go through the TSA and find my flight, which is what happened and I got to my gate at 12:10. I barely got onto the flight.
(Left-Right) Angkor Wat, St. Peter's Basilica, The Great Synagogue, Borobuder, the Taj Mahal

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