Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice Fine Art Photographs by Edward M. Fielding

Fine art photographs of Iceland by Edward M. Fielding

Iceland is a country of extremes and unreal wonders, a Nordic island nation, is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields and massive glaciers.

Iceland could take many lifetimes to explore. Most visitors only see a glimpse of the wonders of this landscape forged by volcanic fire, the massive forces of ice and water, the sea and eons harsh weather eroding its volcanic surface. The majority of visitors only see what a bus ride from the capital can show them in the time of their layover, yet further on the Ring Road which circles the island and the "F" gravel roads (probably named for "what the fuck are we doing on this crazy road") there is so much more to discover.

Facts about Iceland

  • Iceland and you will witness two continents - the North American and the Eurasian. Iceland is one of only TWO places in the entire world where you can see two of the earth's tectonic plates meeting above the earth's surface (the other is in Africa).
  • Iceland has some of the most active volcanoes on the planet, is constantly pumping out 75-degree water through one of its 800 hot springs. From an energy point of view, this is great - some 85 per cent of the country’s homes are heated naturally by geothermal water - and from a visitor's point of view, there are a plethora of “hot pots” in which to take a dip.
  • Iceland was settled by Vikings from Norway sometime in the 800s.
  • Iceland has more than 125 volcanic mountains in the country, a handful of which are still very active, and another handful that could easily awaken and become active as the country changes and grows.
  • Being located very close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland experiences long winter nights and long summer days, with almost 24 hours of darkness/twilight in December and nearly 24 hours of daylight in June.

Besides capturing the amazing landscapes of Iceland for my fine art photography portfolio, 11 days traveling around the Ring Road in a rented motor home with the family was an amazing experience. Checking wind reports to avoid being flipped over or having the camper etched by blowing volcanic dust, avoiding countless sheep in the road and tour buses, navigating one way bridges and tunnels, crossing mountain tops on gravel roads in the middle of a rain storm, hiking along countless waterfalls, traveling across black lava field to reach a crashed airplane site, watching icebergs float and melt, relaxing in local hot spring fed hot tubs, navigating the Icelandic supermarkets and campgrounds and more!


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