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Your headshot shouldn't look like a mugshot, but it also shouldn't look like that time you were little tipsy at your cousins wedding - and I hope I'm not hitting the nail on your headshot! People are predisposed to make visual judgement instantly, so your headshot should be custom designed to send a well thought out message. This goes for the clothing you wear, the backdrop, lighting style, and most importantly the expression and polish of the image. You wouldn't show up in person to a networking event looking sloppy, so you definitely shouldn't be leaving that impression in the online network.

Together we will plan the message you want to send, and identify the audience you want it to resonate with. As a business professional you know that people choose to work with, and invest in, PEOPLE. It's time to look the part.

Studio Headshot Session

What's Included in the $299 session fee?

Your session with up to 2 outfit changes, and 2 backdrops with multiple lighting setups.

Up to 30 minutes of session time.

An online proofing gallery of your top images in each outfit and each setup

The image of your choice fully retouched to look like you at your best, with an unlimited usage license

The opportunity to buy additional images once you see your gallery, for $99 each

Contact me to book!

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