Juan Carlos I By Tommy Perez and GranT styers

Juan Carlos 1 was a king and reigned from 1975-2014 for 40 successful years.

Jupan Carlos 1 was born on Jan. 5, 1938. He was the grandson of the last sitting Spanish king Alfonso Xlll. Juan Carlos 1 first went to Spain in 1947 to further continue his studies. That same year Spain's government was abolished and became a "respective monarchy". In 1969 Francisco Franco presented parliament with a law declaring Juan Carlos 1 to be the next king.

Juan Carlos spent his early years in Italy and came to Spain in 1947 for education. After his father suggested in 1945 that Franco should step down as leader of the country and generally began opposing falangist polices, Franco turned with increasing interest to Juan Carlos and his education especially his military education. In 1955 Juan Carlos entered the general Military Academy

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