Belize Jasmine


Belize is located in Latin America and in the Southern Hemisphere. Belize borders Mexico and Guatemala. The continent that Belize is in is North America.

This is a picture of Belize and the countries surrounding it.
This is the capital of Belize, Belmopan

The coordinates of Belmopan are 17.2519N and 88.7590W.

Physical Features

Belize is in the tropical rain forest zone it rains on and off in Belize but most of the time its sunny.

This is Belize's temperate zone.

One Physical feature of Belize is the blue water, another one is the Tropical Savannah.

This is the Tropical Savannah in Belize.


Right now the current population in Belize is 368,310. Belize is very small country, the world rank is 101.

Belize is no where near a crowded place.

Belize is growing fairly slow the growth rate is currently 1.9%. The fertility rate is 2.58 births for women. The five largest cities in Belize are 1. Belize City with a population of 61,461 . 2. San Ignacio with a population of 16,812. 3.Orange walk with a population of 15,298. 4. Belmopan which is also the capital, the population is 13,381. 5. Dangriga with a population of 10,750.

This is a preschool Orange Walk has just opened.
This is a hotel in San Ignacio.

Belize is more of an urban than a rural place but it doesn't have lots of tall buildings like New York. 

More people are leaving because the population is very low compared to other countries in Latin America.


Belize is a developed country because the hotel and buildings look very professional, but there are some poor parts of Belize. I think that Belize is developed for the most part.


The main language spoken in Belize is English and Kriol. The main religon in Belize is Catholic.

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