TMBS News October 2019

Exams & Attendance

YEAR 11 ‘FOCUS’ – Dates for your diary

  • Year 11 Exams and Careers Evening - Thursday 10th October - 5.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Year 11 Parents Evening - Thursday 14th November - 4.30pm – 7.30pm


Monday 25 November through to Thursday 5th December. Timetables will be issued by Friday 8th November. Why not prepare a mock revision timetable using a Google Sheets (Schedule).


It is so important that your attendance is the best it can be this year! Think about this! Our student attendance target is minimum 97%. 97% = almost 6 days or 28 lessons = 28 hours missed. This means that you will have missed 28 hours learning compared to someone who has 100% attendance.

Lights, Camera, Action.....

The end of the summer term 2019 saw a first for team PAC putting on their first combined Music, Dance and Drama performance, 'The Last Days of the Grand Theatre'. Mr Pervin got to work writing the original script, auditions were held and the cast was selected. Then came the hard work! The live orchestra got to work perfecting their musical masterpieces, while Meg and Lyndsey (choreographers) got to work setting the dance numbers, initially to the original tracks from YouTube, later to check that they worked with the orchestra's live performances.

Individual rehearsals complete and it was time to bring it all together and with two full cast afternoon rehearsals complete they were ready! The final show was to be performed not one, or two, but four times in one day, making it a first for team PAC and WOW did they rise to the occasion. The Performing Arts Team are so proud of the TMBS KS3 students, they are a credit to the school, parents and themselves.

Thank you all for taking part and parents for their support and we look forward to doing it all again at the end of this year.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at TMBS

Again this year our Year 10 students are being given the opportunity to undertake the Bronze Level Duke of Edinburgh Award through TMBS.

We feel that this is a fantastic award and provides a real opportunity for students to develop as individuals. We are very proud to say that the completion rate for the Bronze Award at TMBS is one of the highest in the country. It is the most sought after award by employers after examination results and will give students an opportunity to stand out when applying for both employment and further education opportunities.

The Award is split into four sections; Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. The students will need to find ways to fulfil the Volunteering, Physical and Skills section of the award, while in school we will focus on the Expedition section.

Please find further information on our website: http://www.tmbs.leics.sch.uk/UsefulInfo/Duke-of-Edinburgh-Award/

Active in Mind

This programme is a fantastic opportunity for the Year 10 students involved who have chosen to extend their mentoring even further. Following the success and commitment of their Peer Mentoring last year, they have been trained by Youth Sports Trust Athlete Mentor, Anthony Clarke, double Olympian and current England National Badminton Coach. These amazing young people are now working closely with Year 8 students to promote healthy lifestyles, build confidence and develop social and emotional skills. We will be running this programme throughout the year to allow as many young people as possible the chance of developing these skills and learn how to incorporate them into their daily lives. A huge thank you to the Year 10s who are, yet again, producing creative, caring and fun sessions for students at TMBS.

Year 11 Experience Day

On Friday 4th October a group of Year 11 students had the opportunity to visit Stephenson’s College. The day was aimed at students who are interested in studying BTEC/apprenticeship courses in a range of subjects including engineering, construction, hair and beauty, health and social care, business, IT, animal care and more.

Students were able to experience life at college and participate in a range of activities to help them make decisions about their post 16 pathways, including a series of hands on workshops and taster sessions in a varied range of subjects.

Do You Know?

This term saw the start of our new literacy competition 'Do You Know?' which replaces word of the week. We have consistently had over 100 entries from across both key stages each week. Students have to try to work out what the weekly idiom means, guess its etymology (origin) by guessing or looking up it up using Google and then try to put it into a sentence. Recent examples have included, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and "It's raining cats and dogs". So far the entries have been very creative, and students are coming up with some fascinating and sometimes hilarious scenarios for where the idiom may have come from! There is a KS3 and a KS4 winner every week and the prize is rewards stamps and a bag of sweets or chocolate.

Aspire Swim Challenge

On 12th September 2019 during our Open Evening, 26 students from TMBS endeavoured to swim the English Channel as a team in our school pool. They had to swim over 60 lengths each in order to complete the 22 mile crossing.

The Aspire Charity has organised this challenge for a number of years. It raises money for people with spinal injuries to help them lead independent lives. Anyone can register to do this online. We will be sending off the donations raised on the night. Many thanks to all who contributed.

The students needed to complete 1584 lengths to cross the Channel successfully. By the end of the evening they had exceeded this target with a staggering 3,312 lengths. This means they had managed to not only make it to Calais, but also complete the return crossing back to Dover!

  • Year 7 students and number of lengths:
  • Harriet Adcock - 168
  • Carys Haynes - 120
  • Georgina Saunders - 140
  • Lottie Pardoe - 102
  • Gabriella Crowfoot - 116
  • Gabe Andrews - 136
  • Amy Bond - 158
  • Fynn Morton - 100
  • Neve Connolly - 116
  • Isabelle Barthorpe - 100
  • Eve Stringer - 128
  • Madison Charlesworth - 128
  • Demi Oakley - 128
  • Evie Nicolle - 130
  • Molly Walker - 130
  • Year 8 students:
  • Charley Mills - 108
  • Kirsten Crellin - 194
  • Leah Trahearn - 180
  • Alexis Kendrick-Jones - 100
  • Emily Humphreys - 136
  • Violet Catley - 124
  • Year 9 students:
  • Alice Holton - 120
  • Amelia Cook - 134
  • Millie Goodhew - 120
  • Jemima Boon - 120
  • Year 11 student:
  • Felicity Ward - 76

Many thanks to Miss Gowland who helped count lengths on the night. But most importantly, huge congratulations to the students who took part.

'The Basement' reach for the stars

Last year, several of Mr Morrow’s GCSE music students worked together as an ensemble for their first Christmas showcase. They performed “Under Pressure” by Queen, and they’ve never looked back! Over the last few months James, Lucy, Caitlin, Elizabeth and Stan have performed as a band, now known as “The Basement” at the Western Park festival, the “Let’s Ride” event in Leicester in front of thousands of cyclists, and more recently they’ve performed a few times at music venue The Soundhouse in Leicester. On Saturday 5th October, they had an audition for next year’s Glastonbudget festival. Mr Morrow is incredibly proud of how they’ve progressed, and whether their audition is successful or not, they will have many more opportunities over the next few months as well.

Sparkenhoe Arts Society

The Sparkenhoe Arts Society, who very kindly sponsor our art and design department, are an enthusiastic and active group interested in all aspects of the arts. Lectures are held once a month on a wide range of subjects from fine art and sculpture to gardens and architecture. This month, the society are pleased to present their guest speaker Sir Tony Brenton.

Turbulent Times: Russian History as depicted by its 19thC Realist Painters:

Russia from 1850s was a cultural powerhouse, the novelists (Tolstoy, Dostoevsky...) & composers (Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky...) well known. The painters are not, but the period saw a new realist school of art, the "Itinerants"; the talk explores its interactions with the vast, unruly Russia that it both loved & detested. Sir Tony Brenton is a distinguished British diplomat & commentator on public affairs, having been British Ambassador to Russia through a particularly tense time in UK/Russia relations. His book Historically Inevitable? on the Russian revolution was published in 2016.

You can find more information about the arts society and their programme of events on their website http://www.sparkenhoearts.co.uk/

No nuts please!

Just a polite reminder that we are a nut free school and we have a number of students with allergies. Please ensure your child does not bring in any products that contain nuts. Thank you.