Sense of Place Brooke Lestarge 4B

This is Mount Kailash in Tibet, a place of eternal bliss in Hinduism, and other religions. Since it is so important, there is not a human in recorded history to have climbed it. I also learned that this is known as the home of Lord Siva, one of the Hindu Gods. This location was very breathtaking.
When I visited the Ganges river, a holy site for Hindus, I learned that they come here to wash away their sins. Hindus believe that bathing in holy rivers will purify them. The Ganges river is holy because it springs forth from the hair of Siva, the destroyer of evil and sorrow.
This is the Dhamek pagoda, in Deer Park, Sarnath. This is one of many pagodas, but this particular one is probably the oldest surviving Buddhist structure in the world. It is very delicate because it was built in the third century. I learned that pagodas are not designed for congregational worship but for individual prayer and meditation.
On my way here, I saw a Buddhist shrine, a holy location of an important event in Buddha's life. However, this is the Bo Tree in India where Buddhist monks sit under the tree and worship. This is the place where Buddha reached perfect wisdom. This was a very beautiful location with many vibrant colors.
This is the Wailing Wall, also known as The Western Wall. Jews come here to worship and pray because their Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Jews say that the temple's divine presence never left. When I visited I noticed that Jews even wrote down their prays to put in the wall's crevices. Jews come from all over the world to write their prayer notes.
This is the Great Pilsen Synagogue found in the industrial town of Pilsen, Europe. When I got here I found that it is the second largest Synagogue in Europe and the third largest in the world. It even survived WWll, though the Nazi's tried to destroy it. The Synagogues are a place of worship for Jews and even a place of study.
This tomb in the center of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was moved here and is known as the site where Jesus was buried and resurrected. Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins and that he was raised from the dead by God, and His Resurrection provides people with the hope of salvation. I loved how beautiful the church was!
This is Hillsong church, and it started in Sydney, Australia in 1983. They have built many new locations around the world over the years and successfully brought people to believe in Jesus. When I visited a Sunday church service, it was really exhilarating and life-chaining. Christians go to a local church on Sunday mornings to learn more about Jesus and grow closer to Him. We worshiped by singing and praising Jesus!
This is Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The black box in the middle of Great Mosque is Islam's holiest object. The holy locations in Islam are associated with the Prophet's life, Muhammad. When I visited this crazy packed place, I saw that the cubelike structure was encased in silk. I learned that the Ka'ba was built by Abraham and Ishmael, containing a black stone given to Abraham by Gabriel as a sign of the covenant with Ishmael and the Muslim people. Islamic people worship Allah as their God.
This is the second most holy location for Islams. It is called Madinah (Medina), north of Makkah, in Saudi Arabia. Muhammad's tomb is at Madinah, buried under the green dome in the Mosque of the Prophet. When I visited here I also learned that Madinah is the second largest mosque in the world. A precise set of rituals are practiced that culminate a visit to the Ka'ba. This was a very beautiful and big mosque to visit and I loved the lights, too.


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