Week 1 Blog By: Nicolas Parrotta, Jacob Knowles, Zachary Huestis

Day1: On day one I looked into encyclopedia to find out what type of architecture Raphael did, and when I found it I added it to the doc.On day one Zachary looked into the book to find out what paintings had to do with his achievements. Jacob on day one helped me look for the architecture that Raphael did since he didn't do many.

Day2: on day two Zachary did research on Raphael's religion and the religion of his paintings. Also that day I started to creat this website your looking at and I helped Jacob cite our sources. On that day Jacob did most of the work for citing our sources.

Day3: To start off the day Zachary was not in school which left just me and Jacob. I met with Mr.c and after that me and my partner fixed and added things to the source list. On that day we also started coming up with ideas for the creative piece of the project.

Day4: On this day me and my group came up with some ideas for our creative piece. Zach was saying we should use his 3D printer to print a St.Peter's dome. Jacob was doing research on St. Peter's so he knows what the heck it is. While he was doing that I was finishing this blog that was due that day. During that time Zach was trying to figure out how he was going to use his 3D printer


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