all about michael jordan by zephaniah

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player in the world.

Michael Jordan about to do a slam dunk!

He does heaps of slam dunks.

He is sometimes named MJ.

Michael Jordan is in his 50's. His real age is 54.

Michael Jordan owns a basketball team.

Michael Jordan poking his tongue out doing a slam dunk.

When Michael Jordan shoots a slam dunk he pokes his tongue out.

Michael Jordan used to play for the bulls in the NBA. But now he has retired and is very old. Michael Jordan is very concentrated when he shoots. He gets a shot nearly in every time. Michael Jordan can jump higher then all the other players and get it in without anyone blocking him.

The Bulls

The bulls are the best team in the WORLD.

Michael Jordan used to play for the bulls.

The bulls like doing slam dunks.

Michael Jordan was the shirt 23.

Michael Jordan is one of the best defenders in the world.

Michael Jordan is American.

Michael Jordan is born in February the 17th in 1963.

Michael Jordan sometimes used to wear red but he mostly wears white.

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Zeph de Hoog

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