Fallen Humanity By Donovan conley

God showed his compassion and love for man when Adam and Eve ate from the tree God told them not too then they suddenly felt ashamed of their nakedness and God clothed them.
God also cursed the devil and making him crawl on his stomach for the rest of his life.

Every sin that we commit leads back to original sin becasue if we weren't born with original sin then we would be free from sin.

We all sin and every time we sin our sin is a disobedience to God and not trusting in him.

The whole world is not corrupt there are good people just on the news and in social media we give the bad people all the attention and the murders and crime but we never look at the good in the world and that's a society problem.

God does not want us to deny something good from him becasue he showed us in Genesis and we learn from Adam and Eve's mistake.

We learn from 1 John 4:18 that sin is put in place because God loves us and wants us to live good moral lives. Not becasue he wants us to fear him but because he loves us.

The end

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