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Australia Global Warming - Cleaner Coal

Look around you.

Chances are many of the things you see each day were made or are working, thanks - at least in part, to one simple black rock called coal.

Coal is a fossil fuel made of ancient plant and animal matter that has been squashed and heated over millions of years. Now we dig it up and burn it in power plants to heat water. The steam from that spins turbines to generate power.

Globally, billions of tonnes of coal are burnt each year to help power our lives. But despite how remarkable and useful it is coal also has a big, dirty problem. When burnt it releases pollution, including lots of the main greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

HEAD OF THE ENERGY DEPARTMENT OF AUSTRALIA: For each tonne of this stuff that's burnt for energy, almost three times of that carbon dioxide is released.

Scientists say we've got to cut back on the amount of carbon dioxide floating up into the atmosphere to halt climate change. So, many say scrapping coal as an energy source would be a big help. But lately our PM has been talking about an alternative to getting rid of coal power altogether.

PRIME MINISTER TURNBULL: State-of-the-art clean coal-fired technology. If anyone had a vested interest in showing that you could do really smart, clean things with coal it’d be us wouldn’t you?

The Carbon Emitting Coal Factory

Ok so maybe this isn't exactly what he meant by clean coal. But how exactly can coal be clean then?

Well it's impossible to burn coal and not make pollution. But there are ways to make the process clean-ER.

First up, power plants can be designed to filter out and trap the carbon dioxide released as coal is burnt. Once trapped, it could be stored underground.

Another way is to build power plants that burn coal at higher temperatures, which just so happens to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released.

The government says these alternatives will give Australia a cleaner way to use its massive coal reserves. And it says using coal for energy generation is far more reliable than other clean options like wind or solar, which don't work well in still conditions or cloudy weather.

But some say there are a few problems with the plan to continue using coal in a cleaner way. First, analysts reckon clean coal might actually turn out to be more expensive than other options like wind, solar or gas, while still releasing more greenhouse gases than the alternatives. And while it would be more reliable, the technology is still being tested, so it's not a quick fix.

Weighing up all these things isn't easy and there are lots of different opinions on what path Australia should take. But in the end it'll be the government that'll decide whether to put more coal in Australia's energy mix.

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Harnessing Wind Power:

Sadly we cannot harness wind power to generate power at a constant emmission at 50 on the Blue Power Grid to power house holds.

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Harnessing Solar Power:

Again we cannot harness this power for in general factories, industrial places and houses when supplied with power by the government as it also isn't reliable like the wind. In addition there are limited resources and we use more energy to make a silicon platform than it can produce in its complete lifespan.

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Harnessing Water Power

We can harness this power at an average of 50 on the Emmission Grid but still water speed and force can grow over time as well as wearing away at the dam so that it collapses. This means that if somewhat Niagara falls had a dam which is the only supply of power in its surroundings if it brokedown power is out of reach and others things could happen.

I.e it could spread sickness from unrefridgerated items

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