Who Am I jesus garcia

I am a two sided person, which makes me very adaptable to a different variety of people. For every personality trait i have, i can also portray the exact opposite. Most of the time i am an amusing yet mellow person. I am a common Gemimi
Most of my friends and family have called me generous. I am the type of person who gives to the needy. I am not the stingy type especially when it comes to money. I even give back to the community.
I always find my self always trying to blend in it's just natural for me. On the other hand i can also be hidden and secluded in my surroundings. That is why the the Chameleon and i share similar qualities. Usually i always strive to be what is expected from me as well.
I want to be a Petroleum Engineer. Along with this traveling job I also want to be very involved with my family life back at home. Because of my well paying job, I want to have a luxurious lifestyle. In the end i want to end up being a successful engineer with a family of my own.

One of my favorite games to play is Billiards. I own a table of my own in my garage at home, which is where i practice most of the time. I enjoy playing strangers for money when I am out with some friends. I would consider it one of my greatest skills.

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