Black & Blue By Rancid

Let's Go

1994 | Punk

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“The blind leading the blind, they told me i was dumb. -- They said their security system was too big to outrun. -- I broke away and i'm never goin' back. -- For all the souls they broke, mine never cracked."


  • Lets Go, Rancid’s sophmore release, hit #97 on the Billboard 200.
  • This song is one of the rare numbers where bassist Matt Freeman sings lead vocals.
  • This was the band's first album to feature Lars Frederiksen on guitar.


Luke Tatum

"They said their security system was too big to outrun; I broke away and I'm never going back" is a hopeful and encouraging thing. We tend to feel that "the system" is all-encompassing. Perhaps we feel that we live in a sort of 371,000-square-mile panopticon. Eyes everywhere. No escape. But there are plenty of people out there who live off the grid, or who are fighting the good fight in their own way, largely unobstructed by "the Man." The upside is that it's happening all around us. The downside is that we are disconnected and easy to pick off.

Sherry Voluntary

The lyrics of this song really hit home for me. My school experience overall was fairly terrible in every stage. One of the worst things about the public school system is the conformity that they push. Not only do they want you to do everything in their particular way, they want you to think in their way, accepting the authority in your life as legitimate. This conformity moves so smoothly into obedience to The State authority in your life. The older people get the more they accept that it’s appropriate, and before you know it, 243 years have passed, and you get, well the America of today.

Nicky P

This is one of my favorite songs off of my second favorite rancid album and exactly why i fell in love with punk as a teenager. This song encapsulates so much of the rebellion of trying not to be ground down by the American schooling system And gad damn will it try to grind you down. As an adult and having spent more time after school than I did in, it's taken on a bit more nuance and not because it rings less true. In fact I think looking at the education we get in that 13 years is as being the end of something is a gross oversimplification. Everyday I see a new news story out there trying to get me back on the path to right thought I'm reminded that I'm not one of them whatever they are. I don't see the world they're way be it stubbornness or just me being damaged but I know I never will. Whatever causes a man to bow to other men I don't have it.

Created By
Nicky P