Shelby Allen ED 202 ePORTFOLIO, FALL 2016

Part One: About Me

Personal & Educational History

I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. There, I graduated from Captain Shreve Highschool. During highschool, I also attended a Teaching Professions class at the Caddo Career & Technology Center where I earned my first college credit towards education. I continued my studies at LSUS where I am currently an elementary education major.

My Educational Philosiphy

I believe that every child has the capability to learn, grow, and flourish when set in the right enviroment. My goal for my classroom is to foster a safe, stimulating, and encouraging enviroment that helps to develop my students social, creative, and intellectual skills. My policy will always be to help my students in whatever area that they need help, whether that be academics or life skills. Ensuring that a child feels safe and cared for is essential for them to grow. I belive that students learn best when they take an active approach with authentic and real world problem solving. My personal goal in my career is for every one of my students to leave me at the end of the year with a sense of confidence in their ability to endure and excell in all of their academic pursuits, and for them all to have learned the necessary tools to succeed in this institution.

My Educational Technology Philosiphy

Technology rules the world that we live in. Therefore, I feel it is my duty as an educator to prepare my students for technology and to teach them the skills needed to successfully use it. I plan to make my lessons as integrated with technology as possible. Using technology effectively throughout my lessons will help to ensure total engagement among students and will also serve the purpose of familirizing my young students with technolgy that they will be expected to be proficient with later on in life.

PART TWO: Evidence of ISTE Standards for teachers

I. ISTE Standard One: Facilitate & Inspire Learning & Creativity
"LAUNCH" Booklet

LAUNCH bookelts are an excellent way to get students fully involved and engaged in a lesson. It truly facillitates and inspires the student to learn by asking questions, understanding problems and processes, navigating ideas, and creating a prototype at the end. I found that the whole class was truly engaged in what they were doing, and it made a complex project into one that was easier to understand by breaking down each step into managable assignments. It also was a great way to allow for and encourage creativity! The whole class made games based on the same model, but every group's game was unique. This lesson gave me many ideas on future projects that can be based out of "LAUNCH" booklets.

ISTE Standard Two: Design & Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences & Assessments

Creating a lesson plan was one of my favorite parts of this class. In designing and developing this digital age learning experience and the digital assessments that went with it, I was surprised and delighted to find that there are many new and helpful resources out there to help move classrooms into the digital age. I know that with this lesson, and ones like it, I will be able to captivate my students from beginning to end and teach them new technology along with new content.

ISTE Standard Three: Model Digital Age Work & Learning

This assignment was an excellent way to explore the different ways we can provide information to our students. I love the idea of making a video to introduce concepts to kids, or allowing them to create their own videos as a way of assessment. This particular video could be used as an introduction to a natural disaster lesson, and a more detailed version could be used to augment the obligitory beginning of the year "safety rules" discussion. By putting ourselves, or people familiar to the students, in the video, we can really capture the students attention. Because of this assignment I feel like I have the ablility to create and model digital age work for my students and the resources to give them that ability as well.

ISTE Standard Four: Promote & Model Digital Citizenship & Learning

In this assignment, I explored and researched internet safety, online relationships & communications, and information literacy. In today's world, the first, and most important, thing any child will learn about the internet is how to be safe on it. As a teacher, I understand now that it is my job to make sure that my students know how to be safe while they navigate the internet and how to glean the best and most accurate information possible while doing so. Because of this lesson, I really understand that even young children need to learn how to use the internet effectively, so that they can continue to use it and grow all the way through their academic careers.

ISTE Standard Five: Engage in Professional Growth & Leadership
My Google Certified Educator Badge

Ed 202: Educational Technology really taught me a lot about professional growth and leadership, and it equiped me with the skills needed to attain it. One of the biggest tools I gained was an understanding of technology and the ways that it can enhance learning experiences. My Google Certification proves to me that I can not only efficiently work with this technology but that I will be able to apply it in my classroom in ways that will enhance my lessons and my student's experiences. With programs like these I can ensure that my growth and development as a leader never has to slow.

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