Conservation of Natural Resources By: Michelle Euceda

Conservation is the action of conserving , preserving, or protecting something in particular

The United States is protecting its natural resources through the continuances use of The Forestry Law, Water Resources Law, and the Species Protections Laws.

Protection of trees is a bigger and more important concept as they need such a greater time to regenerate to go back to how they once were, since it takes hundreds or even thousands years for trees to reach to their maturity. Preservation laws were created for this very reason as they made limitations on environmental protections like logging. It was also to create awareness for the topic and help people know how they could contribute to the cause. Trees were to be cut a certain size and maintain so destruction of these trees were not to be done.

Protection for animals through laws or act like the North American Wetlands Conservation Act which is to protect, enhance, restore, and manage the distribution of wetlands ecosystems which would be able to manage migrating bird populations. Then there was also the ESA, the Endangered Species Act, which create categories of the amount of endangerment a species of animal is and made sure they had the amount of protection they needed by that category.

Laws were created for the accessibility of water to be greater than it was before as it was at a high demand for those who make their life and livings from them. “the Reclamation Act encouraged western settlement by selling federal lands to individual farmers and then supplying them with inexpensive water, for which the farmers would repay the government” (Loring 1). This law provided water for farmers which was a great move as water is a part of a farmers work. They need it to help there plants grow and be harvested. It really shows the way the government is trying to see how we need natural resources asnecessities in life to make a living or just live in a good healthy manner.


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