FIVE Sick days


Global Footprint

All I did was keep asking: "where can the boot go?"


Hard Rock

Made the photo B&W, inverted the colors and added a layer of Gaussian blur with a Hard Mix filter. The self portrait ended up turning out super edgy and punk. Also, dig my signature on the left? It has an N an A and a T. Felt like a super grunge 80s album cover.

Broken Windows Theory

After our layers project, I kept thinking about doing this. Took this photo looking into a mirror, added a broken glass layer on top. The Broken Windows Theory is a criminology theory -- the more tiny things wrong with a society -- i.e broken windows -- the higher probability that larger crimes would be committed. The broken windows are signals for other things.

Original photos



Asymmetrical photos seem a lot easier to produce, but I think they wouldn't be as interesting unless they were contrasted with highly symmetrical photos like they are above. Wabi sabi is a traditional Japanese aesthetic viewpoint that accepts transience and imperfection.


Daniel Stolle

Daniel Stolle from Hämeenkyrö, Finland uses a Wacom tablet, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop to create beautiful portrait images that re-color and bring an otherworldly feel to common portraits.

Richard Mosse

Richard Mosse is an Irish photographer. Mosse uses a discontinued film type designed by Kodak and the US Military called Aerochrome. During WWII, Aerochrome was used to search for camouflaged enemy positions. The film detects the chlorophyl of healthy plants and bounces it back to the camera as a hot pink. It's designed to catch the invisible. Richard Mosse set out to do the same while documenting the "invisible" conflict of the Congo. Catch his (incredible) short film here



I've been sick in bed for almost a week. I can't leave my room. My photographic material is quite restricted. Yet through the camera each side of my room becomes a microcosm of landscape. The ceiling is fighting between orange and blue, sun and sea. My sheets are an ocean that laps up onto the floorboards. My headboard is the rich dirt that has just felt rain. The light falls onto my chair in a special way that only evening can deliver.


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