Kangaroos By GiovaNni MaTtioli

What creature is a large animal that tends to hop around? A kangaroo of course! Let's examine their diet, learn all about their habitat, and investigate their behavior.

A kangaroo eating


The kangaroo's diet has a variety of different foods. For example, most kangaroos eat grass, flowers, ferns, leaves, moss, shrubs and other greens. This makes them herbivores. Kangaroos can go long periods of time without water. Like a cow, kangaroos don't digest there food all at once. A kangaroos diet is full of plants.


The kangaroo's habitat is an interesting, wild area. For example most kangaroos live in Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Also, Kangaroos like to build their home in forests, woods, and other places with lots of shade. Depending on the type of kangaroo they live in many different places. For example the Musky Rat Kangaroo generally lives in dampest areas in the rainforest. Kangaroos live in many unique areas.

2 Kangaroos kick boxing


The behavior of a kangaroo is very important for them. One example of this is Kangaroos are the largest animals that tend to hop instead of walking. If 2 male kangaroo's want the same female they will kick box, and the winner gets the female. Once in a while, Kangaroos will go on its strong tail and balance to have an extra leg to kick. If the Kangaroo is being chased by a predator it will bring the predator in the water and jump on it and drown it. The kangaroo's behavior is very important for the kangaroo.

Kangaroos are fascinating animals. They have a diet full of food, a very interesting habitat, and intriguing behavior. The kangaroo is a wonderful animal that knows how to defend itself in the wild. In conclusion, Kangaroos are a delightful animal.


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