Neritic Zone shallow oceans

Shallow Marine Environment

low water from down 200 meter (660 feet) depths

these depths are usually a result of continental shifts

sunlight seeps through neritic waters in varying amounts

Properties of the Neritic Zone

  • this environment stores nutrients
  • due to the sunlight photosynthesis occurs
  • the zone is very rich in oxygen
  • water pressure is low
  • salinity is moderate
  • all these features make it easier for organisms to live

Organisms In the Neritic Zone

organisms such as snails and jellyfish have adapted and developed buoyancy so they can float in this zone

the only known predator known in this zone is sharks


Created with images by Marcio Cabral de Moura - "A barreira de arrecifes que protege o arquipélago / The reef barrier that protects the archipelago" • Lucas Andreas Schulze - "Sunlight shining bright" • syoclo - "flower lotus aquatic plants" • Hunter-Desportes - "Img00019"

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