Humana Strong Video Creative DirectorTreatment

OVERVIEW: This proposal is for the Humana Strong Branding Video that will focus on all the amazing things that are coming Humana agents in 2017. This will be done using the latest equipment by highly trained filmmakers using every resource at their disposal nationwide. Roshambo Films is a nationally recognized company and we would be honored to work on this very worthwhile project.
TONE: The tone of these videos will be one of sophistication and grace. We will highlight the locations of each environment and the actors portraying the Humana agents and customers.
POINT OF VIEW: We plan to showcase these images by providing an intimate look via small vignettes of Humana agents interacting with their customers in realistic locations.
CAMERAS: The will be shot in 4k with the latest Canon C300 Mark II using cinematic prime lenses to focus on the subject while the background fades away. We also use our own drone to capture aerial footage for some additional dramatic images.
FEEL: The viewer will feel the realistic interaction that goes along with each vignette. This will be highlighted by filming images in high speed to slow down the movement and create a more dramatic effect.
SCOPE: The viewer will have a glimpse of realistic interactions between agents and customers. This will be highlighted by different locations that capture the different places that agents interact.
HEARTFELT: We plan to showcase the heartfelt moments from our actors portraying realistic moments to visualize the Humana Brand.
PEOPLE: But, most importantly it's about people. This video will showcase how people is the heart and soul of Humana and we'll capture that visually by recreating real moments.
MOMENTS: We will guide our actors to create realistic portrayals of their characters.
LOCTION: The location will become another character and highlight that visually through use of lenses and color.
We will help create realistic environments where Humana work gets done and focus on those moments.
COLOR: The color of the film will be highlighted by the location itself and choosing appropriate wardrobe for talent that fits each location. The colors will be warm, saturated with dark highlights and crushed blacks.
EXTERIORS: We will also film outside to capture the broader grandeur of the locations where our agents and customers greet each other.
ANGLES: We will film interesting camera angles that help tell the story along with complimentary cinematic lenses.
CASTING: We will cast appropriately and racially diverse to highlight the many people who use Humana.
BRANDING: We will film the entire video protecting and ensuring the brand of HUMANA is first and foremost in everyone's mind.
THE END: The viewer will feel they have gone on a short emotional journey and feeling positive about the Humana Brand.

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