GMO'S In the medical field by:emily connolly (period 3)

GMO's are often though of as bad and no good to our health but little do some people know they are actually saving lives.

Replication of DNA

In the medical field genes are changed and modified for health benefits.

Gene sequence of a patient at high risk for breast cancer

By studying genes scientist have found a way to replace a missing gene with a copy called Gene Therapy.

A common disease in America called Cystic Fibrosis had no known cause until they began research of the genes to fix it.

GMO's have also lead to a case where a child was technically born with 2.0001 parents. Originally the mother carried a gene that made her unable to carry a healthy child so the doctors used a gene to throw off the disorder and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Mitochondrial diseases are also now able to be fixed because of the studies.

4,000 children are born effected a year by mitochondrial diseases

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