Perilous Purple Pond By: Jake Schaefer

In a small grassy park in the town of Kilyerselph, the sun was shining down onto the freshly cut grass. 3 kids: Bob, Fred, and Jeff. Bob had brown hair and was English. Fred was taller and the larger of the three. Jeff was compact and had black hair. The three were joyfully strolling down the sidewalk and talking amongst themselves.

A car drove by on the road with a license plate that said, KYS12574. They started walking towards the pond.

"’Tis a jolly good day isn't it?" Bob asked.

“Yeah,” both responded.

At the pond, the three noticed something unusual about the pond, it was tinted slightly purple.

“Wow! Look at the pond!” Jeff exclaimed. Fred leaned over the railing to get a closer look. Then, a stranger came by and pushed him in.

"Just a prank bro!" He said, laughing.

"Oh no!" Jeff yelled, surprised.

"He can't swim!" Bob said. Fred was a very poor swimmer and didn't know very much about how to stay afloat. In deep water he would just sink like a rock.

"We have to save him!" Jeff said.

"I will try to find help!" Bob said. Bob rushed away to go find help. Jeff looked down under the water. He could barely make out Fred's form. He reached out as far as he could but he couldn't reach. Fred was running out of air. He struggled to make his way to the surface, clawing through the murky depths. He just barely made it up to get a breath but then he sank back down. Jeff tried reaching in with a stick but he still couldn't reach.

Meanwhile, Bob was out looking for help. He sprinted as fast as a cheetah around the park looking for someone to help him. I have to find help quick, Fred is running out of time, He thought. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw a police car parked on the side of the road. I think he will be able to help me, Bob thought. He sprinted over to the police car.

Back at the pond, Jeff could see Fred struggling below the water. Maybe if I jump in I’ll be able to get him, Jeff thought. So Jeff gave up with trying to reach him and jumped in. He tried to swim and get Fred but his shoe got stuck in the mud. He struggled trying to get his shoe unstuck but, it wouldnt budge. Jeff was feeling panicked. Fred was running out of time. I'll never reach him, he thought. He couldn't reach Fred. He was regretful that he couldn't help Fred.

Suddenly Fred felt a rope land in the water beside him. Bob had found help! Both Fred and Jeff were able to grab onto the rope as Bob helped them out of the water.

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