Growing up a Lady By madison Miller and emily Schmutte


What women wore in the 1930's.

Back in the 1930's women had many different types of clothing. In the 1930's women always had to wear high heels while today we can wear tennis shoes. Also it was considered not lady like to wear pants. But now mostly everyone wears pants unless for some kind of event.


In the household women were expected to cook, clean, take care of the children, sew, and be a devoted wife. Now women don't have to do all those things because they have freedom to do what they want.


Sewing was one of the most important things that women had to learn since stores were not available to everyone and no online shopping. Sizes were limited, so alterations were commonly made.

Women could work in a sewing factory.


Cleaning was a daily routine for women in the 1930's. Many women considered it their job to take care of the house.

Every women did this.


Being a devoted wife was a duty taken seriously in the 1930's. Women were married young and stayed married throughout their lives to one person.

Most women wanted to be a devoted wife.


In the 1930's, women raised large families as one of their duties to the household.

Most women wanted many children.


Both modern and women in the 1930's played sports.

In the 1930's, noncontact sports could be played by women such as tennis, softball, and fencing. There are others like swimming and golf. The uniforms we're conservative compared to today's standards. Women were considered not as strong as men were.

Nurses not Doctors

It was unusual in the 1930's to have a women doctor. They were usually considered for nursing positions.

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