Post-Test Analysis Exhibit #4

For the next exam I am going to prepare somewhat the same, but I am going to change some things and add others. The thing that helped my grade the most that I am going to continue is, after every class I am going to take my own notes off of the slideshows and book for each chapter that was covered. Doing this over time will have all the material I need to know prepared for when it comes time to study. Then when it comes time to study I will first prepare all the material to be presented for the study techniques I will be using. For econ exams I will be highlighting all the material from the notes I have think is the most important, from there I will turn each chapter into a mind map and flashcards. The mind map will link the central idea of each chapter to all the things that builds the central idea. The concept of the chapter will be the central ideas and each section of the chapter will be the branches with details from the sections branching off. The important concepts will be put into flashcard form. My study techniques will be spread across a five-day period before the exam, the first day will be preparing all the necessary material for techniques to used the following days. Day two will be learning the first two chapters, day three will be learning the next two chapters and reviewing the two from the previous day, day four will be learning the final two chapters and reviewing the four learned previously. The final day of studying will be reviewing all the chapters for the exam; each day of studying will consist of about two hours of work except for the final day, which will be about three ours of work. Learning the chapters will consist of rereading the notes thoroughly, recreating and studying the mind map for the chapters over and over again, and also reciting the flashcards till they are known. When it comes time for the exam I will do what I did for this exam beforehand again which means I will review all the material about an hour before the exam and then just relax for the remainder of the time before the exam and show up early prepared to take it. During the exam I will go through and answer all the ones I know easily and then take my on the ones that give me trouble. Most of the exam will be multiple choice questions so the elimination and what works best will be the better options.

Reflection: This exhibit actually made me go back and truly look at my performance on the exam and look back on the way I prepared for the exam. I had never before gone and sat with my professor to go over the exam to ask questions and review what I had done wrong. Also I had never really looked into why I had missed a question I always just assumed it was because I didn’t know it. When in reality a decent amount of questions were missed because of carelessness. Actually sitting down and going over the exam with my professor was much more helpful than I thought it would be. He worked through every problem with me and helped me understand why what I did was wrong and why the right answer was right. It was also a very reassuring meeting because he told me he noticed my grade improvement and effort in class. From this experience I also learned what testing strategies and studying techniques work best for me because of the grades that they result in. Dr. Hobbs, my econ professor, also taught me about a way to approach studying economics differently than I was, called the ARA approach. Where you have Acquisition of the basic principles, you then have the Retention phase of these basic principles and the ones ability to Apply these principles. My professor also told me about what called a Master set of notes, in which I have to take multiple steps before after and during class in order to create a set off notices that can be studied and will produce success. I plan on using these and my study plan to succeed on my final exam for the class.


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