Football a fan favorite sport


Did you know football is one of the most fan favorite sports. Although football is a dangerous sport it is still is really exciting. if you want to learn more about football you should keep reading there is equipment rules and features about the stadium’s.


They are a lot of equipment that you need to be safe in tackle football not flag. First you need klets from Sports Authority and more. You will also need helmets the team will get them you will definitely need shoulder pads you could buy them. Also you need a mouth guard you have to buy them yourself or you will lose your central's ,lateral .you will need to get pant pads the coach will give them to you or you can buy your ownI

know some people hate rules but it make football evan more exciting. One rule is if your team has the ball don't push or block people in the back the other team that’s a foul that makes your team lose 5 yards. One more is don’t touch people's helmets or face mask that can get you kicked off the field... Ugh i know more rules… yep more rules here it is during ready..set don’t jump just don’t do it wait for hike you will lose more yards. No fighting after a whistle ready..set don’t jump just don't do it


The stadium is a huge place you could fit more a lot of people. The field is 100 yards. Can you run 100 yards? The stadium can fit more than 100 people in one stadium. At the end of the football field there are poles they look like a upper case Y but instead of the slanted lines it's is - then goes up they are called goalpost but after the touchdown that is six points you can kick in the goalpost for 1 of do another play for 2.

football is a dangerously fun sport. If you play football remember watch you back

football is a dangerously fun sport. If you play football remember watch you back


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