The Consumer Experience and Training Delivery team had the opportunity as a team to reset and enable the NFS Roermond team with the tools to set them up for success as part of the new store refit. NFS Roermond is one of the biggest NFS store in Europe.

This started with the leadership, and onboarding designed to pause, revisit to how we lead our teams using stop, start and continue through the winning habits as well as the tools to drive service and operational excellence.

Leading on from this we delivered an onboarding for over 100 athletes located in Roermond, split over day and evening sessions in total OVER 120 hours in 12 days. A big thank you to all partnerships to make this happen!

DTC Communications is working closely with CDT to equip NSO and NFS with an iMac in the breakroom by the end of FY17. This experience will digitally enable our athletes to develop themselves, and learn and explore more about Nike.

The majority of stores received the iMac and started using it. DTC Communications shared guidelines on how to use the iMac best and follow the rules. On Yammer there are already great stories posted by the management on how athletes use the iMac to learn more and quiz each other.

Under the umbrella of Maxim 1, -IT'S IN OUR NATURE TO INNOVATE-, a workshop took place with key stakeholders. We reviewed current state and challenges, we learned about supply chain initiatives and brainstormed on improvements and innovation. Did you know that it would have taken one person half a year to execute the process from preparing to receive the load in to ensuring the merchandise was ready in front of house and back of house for opening day? We have identified opportunities for quick wins and medium to long term options for change. More to follow soon.

January 2017 is marked as a major milestone for the Athlete & Retail Operations team (formerly known as Store Process and Tools). The team launched 1POS in Europe. The new point of sale software has been rolled out in both UK, Ireland and Germany and has seen immediate improvements. The new system will allow the athlete to elevate the consumer experience as well as increasing productivity during the check-out process. WFM has had a successful pilot in the UK where the schedules are being created automatically, ensuring that each schedule created will maximise efficiency for the store and position the team according to where the labor demand is.

Pulse metrics demonstrated the amazing focus from our stores to hear the voice of our consumer. Store teams have delivered an OSAT score of 78 +21ppt to last year, and also an NPS score of 71 +10ppt to last year!

OPR has also confirmed the effort and focus on continuous improvement with a 10ppt increase in the Service Pillar since Q1, as our stores teams master Service Ethos, DNA Core and SFL behaviors.

In Q3 we’ve accelerated the Europe Seamless Commerce offense through several initiatives.
  • We served > 1.1M consumers in stores with Assist, in 103 stores.
  • Making an additional 3.8M$ of sales through Assist.
  • +230K email receipts and +35K email sign-ups.
  • Consumers can now pick-up their order at 58 Nike stores across Europe, including a selection of NSP store.

In Q3 we have drastically improved the way European consumers can find our Nike stores through the new store locator for 715 NSP, NSO and NFS stores in WE and CEE (including Hurley and Converse stores), and also syncing this with Google, Apple(maps) and all relevant local search engines in Europe.

DTC Loss Prevention have been working closely with the Business intelligence team to make a huge leap forward in how we produce, analyse and communicate shrink.

October saw the first test doors receive the report, which in collaboration with head coaches, amendments were made to ensure the right data was available to the store, allowing them to identify areas of loss to focus on.

In March we saw the first automated IC reports hit our stores through Retail Relay, this report shows your shrink % and value, your top department loss and top 20 losses by style.

This is the first time globally a geo has this kind of data to support our stores in making them more profitable.

Inclusion, collaboration, organisation, creativity, communication - all words to describe our 'We Own the Floor' program we're currently running in the ROSE department. L bands have been tasked with coming up with an interesting event on a monthly basis for the whole team to enjoy. The possibilities are endless and so far we've seen treasure hunts, Halloween celebrations and Christmas quizzes, to name a few. It starts with two people creating an idea and pitching it to Hannah for approval and ends with a team celebration. As well as bringing our team together regularly outside of the usual working environment, one of the main benefits has been for the organisers, firstly working together very often for the first time and secondly, those people having the opportunity to showcase their talents to senior leaders. As Maxim 0.6 says, 'There are great ideas lying around like diamonds in the dirt', sometimes we need to allow them the opportunity to shine!

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