Go Kart Project Bobby Walls

Problem Statement- We have to design and test a drill powered go kart. We have a limit of two marking periods to complete the project. The materials provided are a 18v drill, 1 sheet of plywood, miscellaneous hardware, and wood glue. We also have a $25 budget to buy any additional materials we'll need.

This is how we might power the kart's wheels with the drill.
This is a good basic starting design for our project.
This was our final design for the go kart.
This is the full photo, going more in depth with the design.
These are the explanations to a couple mechanisms on the kart.

We have cut out the base on the ShopBot

We then sanded the sides and gave it a paint job to make it look a bit nicer. The paint helps to blend out the cracks and holes in the wooden base.
While we were waiting for new parts to arrive, we decided to add another paint stencil.
We then made and attached the "Stop" and "Go" pedals.
After we received the wheels and chain, we attached one wheel to the back of the go kart.
When we received the smaller wheels, we put them on a piece of wood and attached them to the go kart's base to make the axle.
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