Reverse Egg Hunt PRMS

This little Easter Egg is tired of sitting in one place waiting for the party to find him. He wants to get out and see the world and you're just the ones to show him around. Group up, grab a phone, and get moving! The object is to take a picture with your egg in each of the locations listed below. Be sure to tweet your pictures and tag @pollyRyonMS!! The first house to visit all 5 locations and makes it back to the foyer wins!


  1. You don't have to visit the locations in order, just make sure you visit all of them!
  2. You must travel as a splitting up!!
  3. Be sure to put everything back how you found it.
  4. Have fun!!

Location 1

I have keys that make sounds, but I can't open doors.

Location 2

Head out front, it's time to show your pride. Pedal fast and take your egg for a ride.

Location 3

Imagine you're a Princess with a pea...where would your house egg be?

Location 4

Ready, set, go, it's time for a race. Put your egg in a spoon and keep up the pace.

Location 5

Jerry Spinelli wrote a book. Think really hard and you'll know where to look.


Created with images by Hans - "egg colorful easter eggs"

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