The Invention of The Steam Boat By: Alexa

A man named John Fitch and other inventors found out that using steam power to propel the boat through the water. In 1791 John had finally finished the steam boat.

The steam boat was important because it transported people to so they could do there jobs or to do other stuff. The steam boat was also used for transporting materials to other country's.

The steam boats helped people by helping them transport to other places in the world and they can carry supplies like food and building materials.

The first steam boats John Fitch invented demonstrated the viability of using steam to make water locomotion. John Fitch was given a USA patent on August 26, 1791.


Created with images by Sir Hectimere - "A Focus On Ferries - "SS INVICTA"" • PhillipC - "Steam launch 'Norma', Wellington, New Zealand 2 July 2005" • Le Scribbler - "drymen - 048"

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