My Life Goals By SAm antonacci

After I graduate Blessed Sacrament, I hope to attend Sacred Heart Griffin. There I will succeed and pass all my classes and I hope to be in a couple clubs. I also hope to be on the Sacred Heart Griffin Cyclones baseball and basketball team.

After I graduate Sacred Heart Griffin, I hope to attend a Division l college. My three top colleges are Duke University, University of Coastal Carolina, and the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign. I hope to get my degree in architecture engineering.

My life goal is to play MLB baseball. I love this sport and work very hard at it all day and night. I will hopefully get drafted by an MLB scout and live my dream.

I also hope to have a career in the NBA if I do not get drafted by a major league baseball scout. I like watching the sport of basketball because there is so much action and I hope to play it.

If I do not make it in the NBA or MLB, I will hope to be an engineer of some sort, like my dad and grandpa. I want to be like them and design things. They both work very hard and I hope to work as hard as them when I get order.


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