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Meet Board Trustee-Lorraine Haywood

Lorraine has been on the CEBT Board since February 1st, 2012 and has served as the Board Treasurer for 7 years.

For the past 20 years, Lorraine has been the Finance Director for the Health District of Northern Larimer County. Prior to coming to the Health District, Lorraine worked in finance and human resources for several non-profit organizations that focused on addressing community health care needs and education.

Lorraine has a master’s degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Risk Manager. As a member of the Board, Lorraine enjoys the opportunity of working with the entire Board and the great team at Willis Towers Watson to provide health care options that meet the needs of CEBT members.

Overall Impact of COVID-19 on CEBT, Willis Towers Watson, and our members

Due to COVID-19, many companies have been forced to experiment with employees working from home. CEBT and the Willis Towers Watson (WTW) team are fully operational working remote, allowing CEBT members to experience no degradation of service. Prior to COVID-19, the WTW team had already begun testing remote capabilities, allowing time to make sure all systems were fully operational in a remote capacity. With unwavering dedication, our CEBT and WTW team remain committed to working hard, making sure members and employers are taken care of.

Thanks to the technology CEBT has purchased and implemented in recent years, the WTW team has transitioned smoothly into a remote environment. The Customer Service Team has been able to manage inbound and outbound calls during normal business hours, thanks to the integrated phone system that was built into CEBT’s existing CRM platform, Salesforce. The Membership and Premium Accounting team has continued as usual updating eligibility, producing invoices, and transmitting eligibility data to vendors. Many employers and employees have increased their use of the Community Online Portal in order to make enrollment changes for necessary life events and/or open enrollment. CEBT has also implemented Go-To-Meeting and Go-To-Webinar which has allowed the WTW team to virtually coordinate open enrollment presentations, informational meetings, finalize renewals, and more. Providing open enrollment material and other important documents electronically has also created an easy and efficient way for employers to distribute necessary information to employees.

There has been very minimal benefit impact or plan changes due to COVID-19, with the exception of the CEBT Board of Trustee’s decision to cover all COVID-19 testing. You can rest assured that as the situation develops and changes occur, the CEBT Board of Trustees and the WTW team are monitoring everything closely and planning accordingly.

We are happy to report that CEBT’s vendor partners have been responding to the pandemic quickly, with professionalism and flexibility. They understand that this is a tough time for everyone and are willing to make adjustments to help. For example, CVS Caremark has relaxed “refill too soon” restrictions to ease member’s ability to get their prescriptions. They have also removed the signature requirement for specialty drug delivery. UMR has increased the number of allowable days for appeals due to potential delay in members getting records. In partnership with Marathon Health, the CEBT Health & Wellness Centers have been able to do virtual appointments with members and Marathon Health has been stepping up to make sure members can still get the care they need while remaining safe.

Finally, additional impacts that we’ve seen with the stay-at-home and safer-at-home orders in place, are a lower number of accident claims and even the typical flu case claims. There has been an increase in the use of services like Teladoc. More employers and members are using online services for enrollment, benefit meetings, and claims. We are very pleased with how well everything has been running. It is inspiring to see members, employers, providers, vendors, the WTW team, and CEBT working together in these tough times. Remember that we are all in this together and we will get through it.

Please provide us any feedback or ideas you have on things we could be doing better to help you in these times. We are always looking for ways to improve and better serve you.


Positive Vendor Responses


A UnitedHealth Group company named Sanvello Health Inc. is a leading provider of digital and tele-mental health solutions and has the No. 1 app for stress and anxiety. To help during these hard times, they are offering free premium access to their digital care delivery platform. Sanvello has clinically validated techniques, coping tools, and peer support that is free to anyone impacted by COVID-19 and will be available for the duration of the crisis. As stated by Sanvello’s CEO Brian Sauer- “People around the globe are grappling with how to navigate this difficult time and manage their mental health. No matter where you’re located on the range of emotions, you’re experiencing related to COVID-19, Sanvello is a place to feel better and find meaningful connection – anywhere, anytime.” Premium access to Sanvello’s app includes features such as guided journeys, peer support, coping tools, mindfulness meditation, daily mood tracking, and assessments. To activate the free premium access, anyone can download Sanvello for free from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. For more information, visit sanvello.com or follow Sanvello on Facebook, Instragram, or Twitter.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser is now offering myStrength, which is a personalized program that helps you improve your awareness and change behaviors. This emotional wellness tool is available for all KP members at no cost, which includes interactive activities, in-the-moment coping tools, inspirational resources, and community support. It addresses a range of mental health and wellness needs including:

  • Managing Depression
  • Controlling Anxitey
  • Reducing Stress
  • Practicing Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Improving Sleep
  • Balancing Intense Emotions
  • Managing Chronic Pain

To download the myStrength app, visit kp.org/selfcareapps. Click on the Get Started button, and follow the prompts to download the app. Have your KP user ID and password ready

CVS Caremark

CVS Health has been monitoring developments daily and their main priority is making sure members have uninterrupted and appropriate access to the medications they need. They are taking all the required steps to ensure business continuity, so they are able to provide support as this situation evolves. Notably, they have convened their internal expert Emergency Response & Resiliency Team and Infectious Disease Response Teams. These teams are working hard to actively monitor the current international and domestic environment for Coronavirus-related risks and preparing CVS Health accordingly.

To see more details on the different types of steps CVS Caremark is taking in response to COVID-19, as well as to read relevant news articles on the topic, visit their resource center by clicking here.


Don’t forget that Teladoc is here for you during these times. Teladoc can allow you to get the care you need while staying safe in the comfort of your own home, avoiding exposure and the potential spread of the virus. For the fastest support, Teladoc recommends downloading the mobile app or using their website to request a doctor visit. Also, before your first visit you will need to set up your account and provide a brief medical history. This will accelerate your request and help the doctors prep for your call. You can set up your account through the app or web. Visit Teladoc to see some frequently asked questions related to COVID-19 as well as recommendations and helpful tips for staying safe and healthy.


SurgeryPlus is working hard to continue their services while also placing a high priority on the health, safety and wellbeing of all members. They are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in light of COVID-19 and its impact on elective surgeries, travel and workplace safety.

During “stay at home” orders, many surgeries have been delayed. If you are waiting for a surgery, this is a great time to call SurgeryPlus to see if they can help. Recall that most, if not all, out-of-pockets costs will be waived and you will receive a travel benefit if you have to leave town. Through this additional benefit, CEBT is ensuring that you have access to top quality surgeons and will help with the cost of getting there. SurgeryPlus: 855-200-6675

What's New?

Triad EAP

CEBT will be introducing an optional EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for all groups starting 7/1/2020 through Triad. By partnering with Triad, CEBT now completes the benefit circle by providing employees with mental health coverage in addition to medical, dental, life and vision allowing for complete employee wellness. Triad EAP is a free and confidential product that grants six mental health sessions per year per issue. This benefit is applicable to full-time employees, their spouse or domestic partner, and children 26 and under. Triad also provides legal and financial benefits in addition to the mental health benefits. Legal benefits include a 30-minute consultation with an attorney either in-person or telephonically and there is also unlimited financial counseling on a variety of topics. Make sure to check with your employer to see if they will be offering CEBT’s optional EAP.


Pre-authorization for counseling services is required. Please call Triad EAP before contacting a counselor: Phone: 970.242.9536, Toll free: 877.679.1100

CEBT Health & Wellness Center News

Your CEBT Health & Wellness Center teams are committed to providing quality care to you while still maintaining health and safety standards for both you and their team. The health centers have started scheduling in-person chronic condition visits and acute/urgent care visits on a case-by-case basis. In the coming weeks, the centers will become available for in-person well-check visits, including annual physicals and Comprehensive Health Reviews (CHRs). In the meantime, they will continue to do virtual and telephonic visits for many of their normal services, including medical visits, CHRs, and health coaching. At this time, they are unable to see anyone with COVID-19 or respiratory symptoms in person but will communicate more details as they become available. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact your local center during this time. They are there to help!

Healthy Habits

Mental Health Tips

Mental health is just as important as physical health in times like these. Having a positive attitude is hard when faced with things out of your control and having a sense of unknowing as to when things will end. It is easy to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help with maintaining your mental health.

Meditation – Meditation is great for lowering stress levels, improving focus, and allowing yourself to remain in the present moment. It consists of focusing on your breath and taking a break from thinking or worrying. Follow this link to learn more about meditation and get some helpful tips and techniques. https://www.mindful.org/how-to-meditate/

Talk to loved ones – Staying connected with family and friends is extremely vital to mental health. In times of stress and unfamiliarity, talking to loved ones can help you feel grounded and safe. They can provide support, offer helpful information or perhaps just be the source of a good laugh. Regardless, staying connected with loved ones brings a sense of togetherness and is a good reminder that you are not alone.

Fresh air – Take some time to pop outside and get a breath of fresh air! Fresh air sends oxygen through the blood and in turn allows your lungs to work at full capacity. Plus, the more oxygen you get to your brain, the more brain power you have! Getting outside provides sensory stimulation and can make you feel more alive.

Breathing - Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress in the body. This is because breathing deeply sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Breathing exercises are an excellent way to decrease tension and relieve stress.

Take breaks from the news - Although it is important to stay up to date on relevant news, sometimes it can be upsetting when you watch too much of it. Try not to get too consumed in news stories and social media and be mindful of the amount of time you spend each day consuming the news. If you find that you are devoting too much attention to it, take a break and do something that makes you happy.


Adult Hearing Aid Coverage

CEBT added coverage for adult hearing aids (over age 18) effective July 1st, 2018. This benefit allows up to a $3,500 benefit paid per 36-month period. The provider billing and charges for this can wind up being a bit cumbersome and have caused some confusion with how claims process and what the member out-of-pocket ends up being. If you are someone in need of using this benefit, you are encouraged to locate an in-network provider to purchase hearing aids. You can find an in-network provider by going to the CEBT Website Providers page and clicking on either the UnitedHealthcare or Rocky Mountain Health Plans logo. If you are unsure of the medical network that applies do you, you can find this by looking at your ID card. The UHC or RMHP logo is located on the front of your card. It is suggested that you do not sign any contracts or pay upfront when using an in-network provider as this benefit should be treated as any other medical benefit and your provider should submit the claim on your behalf. If you choose to utilize an out-of-network provider, you may do so and still have access to this benefit; however, you may be required to pay up front and self-submit. If you have further questions, please contact CEBT Customer service at (800) 332-1168 / (303) 773-1373 Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm or Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Kaiser Plan Updates/Changes effective July 1st, 2020

*The below outlines changes will only apply if you are enrolled in a Kaiser medical plan

Urgent Care Copayment (HMO 45) Urgent Care Cost Share will decrease from $60 to $50.

Skilled Nursing Facility Cost Share (HMO 40 and HMO 45) Copays will change from zero cost share to the equivalent inpatient copay. HMO 40 will be $1,000 and HMO 45 will be $1,500.

Allergy Evaluation and Testing (HMO, DHMO & HDHP) Services will have the applicable Primary or Specialty Care co-payment based on where services are performed. This will change from a flat $50 co-payment.

Outpatient Surgery Cost Share (HMO, DHMO & HDHP) Outpatient surgery cost share will differ depending upon where the surgery takes place. The cost share for an outpatient surgery at an ambulatory surgery center will be lower than the cost share for an outpatient surgery at an outpatient hospital department.

Virtual Care Services, Video Visits (HMO & DHMO) There will be no cost share for video visits.

Retail Pharmacy First Fill (Southern Colorado Service Area) Currently members in Southern Colorado can refill maintenance prescriptions at Kaiser Permanente or contracted pharmacies. Effective 07/01/2020 initial fills for a maintenance medication can occur at Kaiser Permanente or a network pharmacy, however all subsequent refills for maintenance medications must be dispensed from a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy or through the Kaiser Permanente Mail Order Pharmacy service. Any maintenance medication prescription refills filled through a network pharmacy will not be covered.

Talk to your health care provider about Telehealth options!

Telehealth access is available in response to COVID-19 to help you access the care you may need and reduce exposure to the virus. Your local medical provider may be able to provide a telehealth visit through live audio or video-conferencing. This telehealth visit would be covered the same as your plan would cover an in-person visit for those services. It has also been determined that during these times, UMR will allow telemedicine therapy for members which includes physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Prior authorization would still be required for all therapy services and these must be performed via video (please note: this telemedicine therapy benefit is temporary and subject to change).

Through this national emergency, your cost share (co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance) is $0 for COVID-19 testing in accordance with your benefit plan. Regular cost share applies to non-COVID-19 visits.


For those members that have VSP for their vision plan option, Walmart has now been added to the list of approved provider networks! Starting 7/1/2020, members will be able to access their in-network benefits and discounts by visiting a local Walmart store. VSP also offers a Featured Frame Benefit in which members can get an extra $20 off on featured frame brands such as Marchon Frames, Altair, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, and more. You can find a wide selection of featured frame brands at Premier Program locations. Please visit the VSP website or call VSP member services at 800-877-7195 if you have questions on how to access the benefit.

Covid-19 Resources All In One Place

These are crazy times we are living in and although nothing feels normal right now, one thing that remains normal is that CEBT is still here to support you when it comes to your health benefits. Things are changing rapidly, and it can certainly be hard to keep up with all the emails and communications going out. The CEBT Communications Team is working hard to make sure that you have the most up to date information you need in a central place.

For more information on COVID-19 as it relates to your health plan, please visit the CEBT Website. There is an entire section dedicated to this topic so you can stay up to date on what the CEBT vendor partners are doing in response to the pandemic. This section is located on the right-hand side of the home page under COVID-19 Updates.

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