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As you know everyone uses Emojis to make their massage FANCY. Now on days even in serious chats people use EMOJI. It's like a lifestyle. But do you know the real meanings of them? Do you want to know that do you flaw in every chat or not?

Emojis are little cute creatures that are magical to make people have fun. First 😪 this emoji is not a crying person. It's a snoring person. So If you are sad don't sense this.

🙅‍♂️🙆 First of these emojis mean NO! STOP! And the second one isn't a dancing women it's a person saying okay in sign language. Aren't you glad that you learned these than I will say you tips. Open auto correction and write the word 'MAC' or 'APPLE' and words that are known. If you have an Apple device it will show you the emoji of that word!

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