The Theory on Otzi, the Iceman

Who is Otzi?

Otzi is a 5,300 year old prehistoric mummy, who lived in the Copper Age. Otzi lived in the Copper Age because scientists have found equipment that was believed to be made in the Copper Age. He was preserved in the snow and ice. Otzi is the best preserved mummy humans have right now. Otzi was discouvered on the border of Austria and Italy on the Otzal Alps in 1991 by two German hikers named Helmut, and Erika Simon that were climbing the Otzal Alps. They found Otzi's head sticking out of the snow. He had some clothing and equipment with him, he also had 61 tattoos on his body.

The Theory that I support on How Otzi Died

Scientists have discouvered that Otzi had some wound marks on his body. They believe that Otzi was attacked by an attacker and thought that one of his own people tried to attack him. Otzi then ran to the Otzal Alps to try to escape the attacker, the attacker then followed him and shot him with an arrow. The snow made it harder for the attacker to see, and while the attacker was trying to find Otzi, Otzi escaped by using the snow to hide. The attacker left the mountains while Otzi was injured and trying to warm himself up. Then, it started to snow really hard and Otzi could not warm himself up much longer so he eventually stopped breathing because it was really cold. Otzi eventually died because of hypothermia and bleeding from the arrow head and when he died the snow kept on falling and then froze Otzi. Global warming has helped scientists find Otzi because the warm heat melted the snow.

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