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My visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History was really fun. Being able to walk around and see live butterflies was really cool. There were different sections that represented different types of environments, and the museum really helped me find an appreciation for nature. The exhibits that I chose are what I thought best represented the three things that were required for this activity, Nature on Display, Nature and Ethics, and Nature and the Human Spirit.

Nature on Display

This is a picture of me with a butterfly in the butterfly garden. The design of this exhibit was extremely appealing because it made me feel really close to nature and the butterflies. There were several feeding stations with butterflies that we could get really close to. The butterflies helped me understand that things in nature can be similar but completely unique in their own ways. There were many butterflies, but their different colors and designs displayed their uniqueness.

Nature and Ethics

These pictures were taken in the kitchen exhibit that talked about energy conservation, specifically for electricity. The Florida Museum of Natural History definitely helped me appreciate nature more. My friend reacted to the exhibits similarly to me. This exhibit, in particular, helped us realize that it is our ethical obligation to preserve nature and try to find different means to produce clean energy.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This is a picture of me with a giant crab figurine in the aquatic section of the museum. This is funny because my friend and I do this king crab pose as a joke. This exhibit helped me step out of my ordinary life because it reminded me to have fun. While I may be doing a required project, I can still enjoy my time. Because of this, I was better able to appreciate nature and the other exhibits in the museum.
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