School Andrew BObak

Yes I just got kicked out of school for the fourth time. All of my teachers think I will be a failure, and I am kind of believing them. My parents will be so pissed at me once I get home. But, it don't really bother me much. It don't bother me because all those goddamn teachers are a bunch of phonies. They are because all they do it act all high and mighty about their lives, but honestly I wouldn't be so proud. Their job makes them sit inside all day and attempt to teach inconsiderate bastards like myself. Yeah, but I really don't care much that I got kicked out again, because now I have more time to do whatever I want for a while. I don't have to listen to those old teachers anymore. I think I'll go spend some time in New York before I go home anyway to let my parents cool down a bit. It's bad to come home immediately in a situation like this because my parents tend to exaggerate what those old teachers tell them about me. I would think by this time of me getting kicked out of yet another school, they would "get with the program". Me coming is great though for a while because I don't have to deal with any roommates like in the boarding schools. Sometimes the kids that I'd have to room with would be damn near ignorant. Also, I don't have to deal with teachers scanning my every move. Yes there are some aspects that are cool about me leaving another school, but it is really started to click in my mind what I am doing. I have started to realize, with this mentality, I will be a complete failure in my future. Whatever, it's not like I expected to become no goddamn doctor or something. That stuck up lifestyle is not really meant for me anyway. They are all a bunch of bastards when given all that money anyway.


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