Art and Literature created in Theresienstadt 'Butterflies' by: Margit Koretzová, Watercolour and pencil on paper.

1943 still life of a violin and sheet of music behind prison bars by Bedrich Fritta (1909-1945)

Theresienstadt (Terezin) which was considered to be both a camp and a ghetto-labour camp existed for three and a half years, between November 24, 1941 and May 9, 1945.

Originally Terezin served as a transit camp for Czech Jews. It was essentially a holding stop where the occupants would later be taken to labour or death camps.

As the war progressed Terezin was also a Ghetto-labour camp where people such as past military service, or domestic celebrity in the arts and other cultural life stayed.

Lastly it served as a holding pen where the people mentioned above would stay. During this time the Red Cross would visit. Though this camp still had very poo living conditions it was kept up to look like it was "pretty" on the outside, almost like a movie set. The Nazis cynically described it as a "spa town". The prisoners there were kept until they looked too ill, then they would be deported to other concentration and death camps.

Art flourished at Terezin despite the horrible conditions. Plays, operas, art, and poetry created throughout its existence.

Helga Weissova. One of the last drawing of her series, made at Terezín
Friedl Dicker-Brandeis Artist and Educator

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis was a teacher at the camp, and encouraged the children she taught to have an endless imagination; to think outside of the camp walls.

Here are some of her students work.

"It's Not in the Ghetto", by Dority Weiser

“Everyone was hungry” Liana Franklová 10 years old.

Some of the artwork created at Terezin was used in the Nuremberg Trials.

These next poems have been drawn from

Franta Bass

The Garden

At Terezin

Alena Munkova-Synkova


Alena Munkova-Synkova Today

The Butterfly By Pavel Friedmann

Art and Literature Created in Theresienstadt

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