Work Portfolio By : Marco zuloaga

I decided to use this photo for the paint effects project because it looked like something that would look very interesting when it would be painted. The photo shows lots of detail and I wanted to see how the paint would effect the outcome of the picture. In the end the picture turned out great.
I chose to do the cat for the paint effects project because it looked very interesting to me. The cat looked the best to me out of the two other choices. The cat had lots of detail and the paint effect did very well in showing that detail.
This is probably one of my favorite works. This picture was by far the most challenging picture for me to do. I had to restore the picture, it looked very destroyed before but after I restored it the picture looks almost good as new. The amount of detail this picture had made it difficult to restore because there were many rips and tears across the picture. Although it took me a while to finish I did have lots of fun restoring this picture.
This surrealism picture was one of my favorites. This photo shows four different dimensions and in the middle shows a picture of a flower and how it would look like in every dimension. I had freedom to do anything I wanted and with this freedom I was able to create one of my favorite works.
This picture just was me having fun. We were given the opportunity todo anything with this crab and this gave me freedom to have fun. This project was overall a fun one to do.
This haunted house took me a while to finish. It took me multiple attempts to get the result I wanted. Either I didn't like how the house looked or I mess up something or I just didn't like the picture and general and decided to redo it. The haunted house was fun to do and got me into the Halloween mood.
This was another one of my favorites. I am a fan of Marvel comics and being able to do a comic book cover was so much fun. While the actual comic cover did not have any of the characters actually colored I decided to color them. I tried to stay close to the colors of the characters as I looked at other comic to see their actual colors. I wanted to add more color to the cover. I also added a little bit of a twist by adding the gradient background that I found very cool. I also tried to add burns to add more depth to some of the characters. Overall I had lots of fun doing this cover.
This project gave me a tough time at first but after I got used to it everything became a lot easier. I had to select the entire building and but it onto a picture where there were fireworks. At first my selections would always erase when I would choose a different tool but after a while I got the hang of it and finished the project.
I chose to do Homer Simpson because I used to watch The Simpsons a lot. I remember watching The Simpsons with my cousins and this brought back good memories. I didn't really have an trouble with this project but the one part that really annoyed me was getting the colors to work. The paint bucket tool did not completely fill the all the areas that I wanted it to fill so I had to find an alternative to this.
In this project we had to do Grr from Invader Zim. This was a fun project to do. I had some trouble with the zipper and with the shading, but I had fun doing this project. I remember watching Invader Zim when it was around and doing this project brought back memories.
I decided to do Cosmo with in this project because he was apart of one of my favorite childhood shows. There were some difficulties that I came across such getting the hands to look right and also get the tie to not look very weird. These were the parts that took me the longest and that I saved for last.
The Kellogg's Logo was a project that didn't really take me a while. The only trouble I came across was trying to get the ovals in the E, L and G to not be the color purple. I wanted those spaces to be the same color as the background. It took me a while but with some help I got it and I got the turn out that I wanted.


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