Cast: Simone Parkin, Alex L James, Charlie Nelson

The Level One Digital Media brief entailed the task of conceptualising and producing a 20 second title sequence for a selected film title, that must feature the three cast members at some point during it's duration, and be produced with Adobe After Effects. In addition to this, a hand-coded HTML website must be created within Dreamweaver in which to house this title sequence, in which to advertise the production. After much debate and many rewrites, I decided to create my sequence for "The Time Corporation" of which featured the three cast members Simone Parkin, Alex L James and Charlie Nelson.

The Time Corporation allows for many different interpretations; without any context or already provided descriptions, my initial thoughts surround business, enterprise and an organisation that in theory should possess incredible power. This formulated the basis of my genre, sitting with many sub genres including action, drama and mystery. The target audience for this film, typically within these genres, would not be a young audience, they would fall under the young adult category due to the likelihood of challenging and intellectually scripted concepts.

There were two principal influences for my title sequence, both from media texts that I have seen multiple times before and always found visually pleasing - those being the television series Mad Men, focusing around the drama within advertising agencies, and also Casino Royale, a film classic surrounding the life of secret service agent James Bond. The animated styling of their title sequences, using silhouetted figures to interact with an animated background and other entities, allow for high energy action scenes in order to introduce key actors and crew members. Majority of the influence came from the Mad Men sequence, due to its simplistic short duration, and how camera movement really compliments the visuals.

Throughout any creative planning process, the first idea is very rarely the one that comes to fruition in a completed project; many concepts are unachievable in a specific time period, or potentially require skills beyond ones ability, especially when animation of this time is a completely new task. In fact, before creating this Time Corporation sequence, I had designed ideas for the other two titles provided within the course brief - both of which were never completed. "Dream Time" and "Forever My Love" are the other available titles for animation, I designed an animation for the first of which would follow the concept around a child's imagination within the dreamworld, featuring many references to clouds, the ability to fly, nightmares, pillows, bedroom, and the action of falling to ones peril. This film focused around the children animated horror, a rather peculiar combination of genres.

Original Concept Map for DreamTime

Whereas Forever My Love possessed a very different approach, the genre falling under the romance comedy category, was designed to follow the principals of a puppet show. With uplifting, and most likely rather stereotypical backing tracks, the 20 seconds would be populated by two cardboard characters, reenacting many different date scenes including dinner in the city, watching a film in the cinema, walking along the beach, and visiting an art gallery. The composition would be very rustic, we would see small details such as animated hands and strings that are animating these cardboard images, to continue this concept and idea of a puppet show.

Original Concept Map for Forever My Love

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