Introducing Riviera, a collection of three new chic Kyle Bunting designs: Cannes, Nice, and Portofino. Inspired by iconic imagery of Mediterranean sunshades, Riviera showcases the sleek and classic lines that elegantly define the shores of the French and Italian coasts. Tailored to any size, shape, and colorway, Kyle Bunting captivates the design-minded with its glamorous hide rugs, wall coverings, and upholstery.


Capturing the irresistible allure of the Italian Riviera, Portofino showcases a simple & elegant canopy design often found dotting the pristine beaches of the Ligurian Sea. The awning stripe pattern captures the chic beauty of Italy’s colorful seaside villages when rendered in classic color alterations as well as bold, eye-catching color repeats.

shown in sapphire and cream
shown carribbean, cream, cobalt, and pool
shown in cream, citrus, and alder


Inspired by the glamour and old-world opulence of the French Riviera, Nice evokes images of sun-kissed pebble beaches aptly lined with vibrant, stylish sunshades. Tastefully displayed by alternating thin and wide strips of hide, Nice’s classic, signature design is well realized through traditional color striping as well as more modern color combinations.

shown in cream, oink, sapphire, and coral
shown in grapefruit and cream
shown in lips, sapphire, and cream


Bringing to mind the social affluence and artistic creativity of La Belle Époque, Cannes illustrates playful elegance with its banded triple decagon design. Using thin pencil stripes placed symmetrically between thicker bands, Cannes offers an infinite number of illusory and imaginative color placements.

shown in chick, sapphire, and cream
shown in pewter and cream
shown in cream, caribbean, lips, and sapphire

PRESS RELEASE - Kyle Bunting Introduces New Riviera Collection

Austin, Texas (July 2018) - Kyle Bunting, creator of the decorative hide rug, introduces Riviera, a collection designed by in house collaborator Tiffany Antoun, comprised of three new chic designs: Cannes, Nice, and Portofino.

Recalling iconic imagery of Mediterranean sunshades, Riviera showcases the sleek and classic lines that elegantly define the shores of the French and Italian coasts. Building inspiration from summers abroad, sun kissed skin, and parasol shapes, the new collection emerged. With its unique decagon shape and customizable scalloped border, Portofino, Nice, and Cannes bring to fruition classic canopy designs while truly pushing and grasping the boundaries of the Kyle Bunting mantra "any size, any shape, any color."

With his groundbreaking collection, Kyle Bunting has redefined how hide is used in interior applications. Though recognized foremost for his collection of luxury hide carpets and wall coverings, the company also supplies hides for architectural and upholstery applications. Since its inception, the company has completed thousands of projects for design professionals and private clients throughout the world. Today, Kyle and his team of contributing designers operate and find inspiration in their Austin, Texas design studio.

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