Steve Jobs By stephen ridge

Part 1

Steve Jobs was born and raised in San Francisco, California to his young biological parents. They were too young to raise a child, so they gave him up for adoption to a Catholic family. Jobs attended Reed College where he barely was able to make the tuition payment each year.

Part 2

Steve Jobs was inspired by his good friend whom he met in college to take Pong to the next level. He started designing different fonts and type. Jobs got his inspiration of fonts from a calligraphy class in college. He started off designing video games, then realizing he had more potential in him. Then came Apple.

Part 3

Steve Jobs overcame many obstacles, including a low income childhood, making his college payments, people doubting him, and companies not appreciating the time and effort put into the video games he created. Steve Jobs overcame these obstacles by keeping tunnel vision and focusing on his end goal of creating a successful company that everyone can use.

Part 4

Steve Jobs was able to empower his employees by making them feel like they were worth more than an employee, like they were the reason this company ran. This inspired them all to work as hard as they can and keep their vision straight forward and not thinking about the mistakes made in the past.


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