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About Me

I am hoping to gain a better understanding of how social media impacts the business aspect of communications. I am excited to learn about how different channels and mediums can be most effective. I want to create good work in this class that will be worthy of using in my portfolio. I believe that the knowledge that I gain from this course will help me immensely in my career no matter what field I enter because social media is such a rapidly growing tool that many companies currently use.


This picture faces the Las Vegas strip from the Bellagio hotel and was the inspiration for my Cinemagraph. I chose to keep the movement of the ferris wheel on the upper-right while freezing the fountain and lights of the strip.

Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filter creation based off of the human truth "The pen is mightier than the sword". Pictured above are the sample images that I used as well as a layered image over an image of myself.

Michael Jordan Medium Series

My partner and I chose to create a Medium Series on arguably the greatest player of all-time, Michael Jordan. We used his statistics and accomplishments to compile a scroll of photos and the wings poster seen above for the tilt feature that Medium offers.

Recipe For A Story

Storyboard sketch for a how-to video making a steak and avocado salad.

Snapchat Influence

My Snapchat Influence project was designed to promote Nike as having the best sports apparel. I chose to use various features that Nike has including the Nike+ feature on the Apple Watch 2. I also highlighted interesting locations in Eugene like Hayward Field and the Nike Running Store.

Something Disruptive

Screenshots from my presentation on workplace robots which are a disruptive technology. Cobots and Sobots are the two types of workplace robots that companies use. While they increase production, they are steadily decreasing human employment.

Diversity Hashtags & Banners

Senior citizens are never portrayed in advertisements promoting self-care products. Our idea was to create Facebook banners to show that beauty is ageless.

Diversity ChatBot

My team created an answer tree for people over the age of 65 providing solutions to changes they have experienced as they have gotten older.

Diversity Medium Series

My team created a Medium Series that allows viewers over the age of 65 to learn more about the changes in their lives as they get older. They are able to view our banner advertisements that lead them to our BeautyBot, then choose what area they are interested in hearing about within the BeautyBot. Depending on their answer, they will learn statistics and see examples like Tao Porchon-Lynch (right), a 98 year-old yoga teacher who is our physical activity example.

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