Spain's Olympic Swim Team Clare Cotter 7Corazones

They have competido in swimming during 22 Summer Olympics. Comenzaron swimming at the 1920 Olympics, but did not ganaron a medal until 1980.

Ganaran 8 Olympic medals. Half of the medals were ganados by Mireia Belmonte in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

  • Two gold medals
  • Two silver medals
  • Four bronze medals
Best Swimmers

Martín López-Zubero

  • Ganó a oro medal.
  • Es the only other person besides Mieria to win an Olympic gold medal for Spain in natación.
  • Nadó in 3 Summer Olímpicos.
  • Compite mostly estilo espalda.
  • His hermano David ganó a bronze medal for swimming in the Olympics.

Mireia Belmonte

  • She es the first and only woman to win a gold medalla in swimming for España.
  • Ganó two plateado medals in the Verano Olympics in London.
  • She se convirtió the first española woman to win two Olympic swimming medals.
  • Mireia also recibe an Olympic medal de bronce.
  • Nada mostly estilo libre and mariposa, but can competir in other strokes too.
Spanish Swimming Records by Olympians

Many of the national récordes for Spain were establecidos in the Olympics

Carreros, Atletas and Tiempos

  • 400 meter individual medley
  • Joan Lluís Pons
  • Acabó the evento in 4 minutes and 13.55 seconds
  • 4x100 meter freestyle relé
  • Markel Alberdi
  • Miguel Ortiz-Canavate
  • Aitor Martínez
  • Bruno Ortiz-Canavate
  • Completaron the relay in 3 minutes and 16.71 seconds
  • 4x100 meter mezcla relay
  • Duane Da Rocha
  • Marina Garcáa
  • Judit Ignacio
  • Melani Costa
  • Terminaron the carrera in 4 minutes and 3.05 seconds


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