*Uncle Sam* Lizzie Williams

This is Uncle Sam. He is a symble for the U.S. goverment.

The U.S. congress chose Uncle Sam in 1812. A bunch of people designed Uncle Sam, one person designed him after a famous clown and another person made him look like Abe Lincoln.

Uncle Sam was used to get people to join the U.S. Army.

Uncle Sam is a man who wears a tall hat, a shirt, pants, shoes and a bow tie. They are all red, white and blue.

Uncle Sam is patriotic because he wears red, white and blue, the country's colors and he got people to join the U.S. Army. Also, when people see Uncle Sam, they think of the United States.


Created with images by DonkeyHotey - "Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster" • AdrianoIt - "Uncle Sam" • Hitchster - "Uncle Sam" • Pexels - "american flag close-up flag" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "City Lights of the United States 2012" • ** RCB ** - "e pluribus unum"

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