The Divine:A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Haneen Jaber

The Spacial Experience

Me in front of the stage

I had never been to the Constance Theatre, or any theatre, till this play, and it was quiet the sight. It looked very elegant and very nice and clean, which made it feel as though this was a real production and not just some thrown together play. I got to sit in the second row, right in the middle and I can confidently say that my seat added to my experience. I got to really see all the actors facial expression and all the little nuances they added to their character. The size of the auditorium was nice because it wasn't too large, so when the lights dimmed, everyone quieted down very quickly, which really adds to the excitement of the play starting.

Place is a really significant role in attaining the good life, and then living it. Where we live and the places we see and visit shape what we are exposed to, the people we meet, and the jobs we have. Space and location are can be our sanctuary or our nightmare.

The Social Experience

I did not attend the performance with any of my friends, so I got to experience they entire performance and talk back among strangers. I enjoyed going alone because I got to appreciate and examine things on my own merit, and not have it be belittle by people only going to fulfill a credit, as I heard many in the audience speak of. I met people around where I was sitting though who were in a theatre class and they had many interesting facts and analysis of the play that I would have not realized in my own.

Despite me not attending the play with people, I believed shared experiences are important. Without them, we experience life through a fish eye view. We are unable to see beyond our own thoughts and feelings. Other people allow you to see and experience things differently than you ever would.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Sarah Bernhardt;

In light of recent events, the play really highlighted how far we have come in terms of gender equality. The play depicted this strong bold women, Sara Bernhardt, standing up for what she thought was right despite other people being opposed to that. The central issue was, in my opinion, that struggle between you knowing what is right and trying to have other see your point. Today, we have millions of men and women doing just that with protests, standing up for what they believe and hopefully gathering others too help in doing the right thing. The performance helped me see that activism and feminism isn't a temporary deal, you are an activist and a feminist your entire life, and then your legacy lives on with that. The issues never go away, but neither does our fight against them.

The Emotional Experience

The play gives us an opportunity for catharsis by allowing us as audience members see the type of strength it takes to speak out, but allowing us to realize that it is possible. Misho in the play struggles with speaking about the injustices he heard about with Tablot. he didn't want to risk his future for it at first, as many of us don’t want to risk our futures by opposing powerful people and forces. But Misho, a scared man, was able to find strength in him. We all have the potential to find that strength in us too to speak out about the things we care about. The play made us all realize that.

Me leaving the play very happy and impressed with the performance

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