Mohandas Gandhi by JOhn taddeo

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (his birth name) arrived in South Africa in 1893 at the relatively tender age of 24 as a newly qualified lawyer on a temporary assignment to act on behalf of a local Indian trader in a commercial dispute. What was meant to be a short stopgap for the struggling young lawyer turned into a 21-year stay, with spells in India and England.

The salt march took place in April 1930 in India. it was a civil disobedience act to protest against British rule in India. During the march, thousands of Indians followed Gandhi from his religious retreat near Ahmedabad to the Arabian Sea coast, a distance of some 240 miles. The march resulted in the arrest of nearly 60,000 people, including Gandhi himself. India finally was granted its independence in 1947.

When India finally got independence. The Indians and Hindus split and the had to walk to the new ares they had to live and many people were angry on what was happening to where they were ripped from there homes and hence the battle between the two started many lives lost due to this.

After long peaceful battle between India and Britain they finally left India and they became independent and was split into parts with Hindus. Hindu has two areas in India west Pakistan and est Pakistan and India has one between the two states they had a long war between each other and for Gandhi to stop it he had to fast until the fighting between the two stopped after a long time not eating they finally stopped and they went to peace between the two states.

Gandhi died on January 30 1948 by Nathuram Godse in berlia house in new Delhi. Nathuram Godse stepped out of the crowd and dropped what he was holding and pulled a gun and shot gandhi multiple times

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